Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today Is

like any other day.
go back.

eat again.

super boring.
today it got worse. i now not only have flu, i have fever too~! T.T i had runny nose all day and my eyes are so swollen that every one thought that i was crying! then there's this girl came up to me and say that i was crying because 2008 is going to end and i don't like 2009! i was like what the~~ i love my 18 year old life but am seriously looking forward for 2009!
for better things.
for better life.

for a new relationship.

a lot of things that is waiting for me to just go and explore! ^^

my stupid swollen fart face today!! gosh!!

i am doubting whether i should take my advance diploma after 2 years of diploma or i should just stop studying after my diploma and go out to work. not that i hate studying, and not that i can't wait to go to the working world... it's just that i don't like what i am studying now and am not coping at all. yes, i am lazy but.. haix. i always have this mentality that i would do way better if and only if i am now in what i always wanted to study. Mass Communication in Journalism/Broadcasting.
i know~ i shoudn't have that thought because i might not do well in that too~
no wrong at being overly self confidence right?

but i cant just stop half way now and tell my mum that i want to change course.

firstly, she is the one who wanted me to be in this course and not the other.

secondly, she is the one having the money and not me.
resulting me having no rights to say anything.

i am working my ass off so that i score better and ditch the stupid accouting and BS/QS by the 3rd semester.
because the units on the third semester looks better and not much countings. hm~ am telling myself that i will try my uttermost best to score. but not really having the thought for advance diploma. again~ if i don't take that, i will looks so damn stupid and no education in the working world with just a pathetic below 4 cgpa diploma certificate!! T.T haix~~ but i am having this hope that i would like to be enrol into the entertainment industry~ not those actress or singer that kind of entertainment.
*sky will fall down if i sing**chuckles*

but as in the advertising for an advertisement, or those event managements for those actresses/actors, or an air-stewardess*okok~~that is too far fetch!!*

i just have too much air in my head!! *out out out*
earth to Voxy!!! Lolx~


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