Friday, December 5, 2008

Although it is December 5th...

although it is already December 5th, my ramblings are for December 4th. lolx!
because i reach home damn late today because i went out to have a drink with old school mates and damn they rock! wanted to go clubbing after that but mum kinda pissed off when she knew because i had not been sleeping well for the past few days la, so clubbing cancel,sleeping mode on.

as for December 4th, i just realise that i did not realise that it has already reach the end of the year, which is December. although i am damn exited for Christmas, which is what i am exited for through out the whole year, i think my brain calendar is kinda screwed!
next week is volleyball competition and i just realise that next week with be the last week for my cocurriculum activities which means that i am 3/4% through my 2nd semester. and i am going to end my first year in college in just matter of 3 months. damn! time does fly! without me noticing it and all thankx to my screwed brain.
had sore arm due to volleyball, headache because damn tired, leg pain because it rained heavily just now and got damn bloody irritated by the chi bai kia.
but still am damn happy that i am selected to be part of the volleyball team although there are a lot that i feel not qualified to be in the team. dang~ i had a feeling that we will lose but penguin spirit!!! acha acha acha fighting!!
wee wang wang~~^^

yea! i start using lens again!!
wee... no more blurry world!
can see leng zai 6 meters away!! lolx!!
hope that this time of using lens will not cause any irritation to my eyes lo~ hm~
i want to be pretty but at the same time i would want to see the world in a clear condition.
but my money for every month will decrease la... damn~

and it has been almost one week in December but i remember that my mum say that she should start decorating the Christmas tree when the calendar turns to December, and see la now..
Christmas akar also don't have la!!
ish!! quickly decorate la, i want to play with those pom pom look alike ornament and pretend that i am Marilyn Monroe!! lolx!!
just kidding!
anyway, wee.. Christmas is coming to town~~~~^^
duper love!!

last but not least...
i miss my piggie!!!
miss miss miss miss you like freakingly!!
only reedemable when you are in Malaysia, Australia not exclusive!


by the way, the moon smiled and so must we!!!

the moon is so damn cute!!
i know it just that coincidently the stars and the moon move and were in alignment then that this is created but i would love to think and looked at it as if God is smilling upon all His people!
this is sweet~~
besides my lazy piggie la~~^^


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