Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Loser Carriage

God damn it! i actually skipped my accounting class today because i can't barely walk straight and would hit the pole and trip and die there. in middle of college.
so i ended up sleeping like bloody tired pig at... you guess... CANTEEN!
yea, i know "Victoria is such a freak...", "No other better place to sleep a?".. bla bla bla~~
but that appears to be the last place i place my fat lazy ass to and am too strengthless to lift it up again to go to the library which seems gazillion miles away for a snooze. was actually sleep because that last for almost 2 hours! lolx~ i slept around 2a.m the day before so yea~~
end of that lazy story.

Today is the last day of 2008 and we should welcome 2009 with an open and out stretch arms and pray that all good will will happen to all of us and i definitely need loads of it! i want a better and more adventurous life!!!

Macroeconomy teacher walk out on us today and mostly was due to the college mate's attitudes. someone got so pissed off that she just couldn't stand it anymore and took it all out on behalf of most of us.
i wouldn't say that that was a good decision to say it all out because it wasn't really of your business also and it is their choice whether to study or not... but on the other hand, damn happy also la that those freaking brainless 18 - 19 year old big babies just couldn't use their sense to good use and got a great big scolding.
all are total losers.
resit and repeat la all of you!!!
fuck fuck fuck fuck~~
and chapter 9 is sort of one of those hard and need much understanding chapters!
fuck you all~~

you all could say that i am jealous that i can't go out for countdown so i am writting this now and actually, i am 50% envious and another 50% glad that i am now at home and doing what i love instead of butt grazing here and there. some more with people that i would never ever meet in my whole entire life. and if you are in a bad luck, you might come up with those D.O.M.
it actually rained here around 4.30 p.m just now and i was like "yea.. rain!! rain heavily la~so that all no need go countdown and i wouldn't be the left out one.", something like that la, then everyone in the class was like looking at me and might be cursing me too la~but heck~curse all you want la, 4 fingers back at you weh!!
anywayyy, thought that it would rain through out the whole night but God proved me wrong.
it rained for awhile, and that "awhile" is/was like a blessing to all countdowners tonight because this "rain awhile" was actually enough to cool down the whole degree/temperature in KL. it was actually a damn hot day in the sun but it is now so cooling in the dark! damn!
sure all having fun lo~
no need to be all sweaty and all stinky!!
ok~ here is my 50% envy part...
the another 50 is no need to spend money and butt grazing la..

so i took the other route back home today.
but then again, slower...
and today it got worst!!! T.T
it usually took me 2 hours++ to reach home all the way from Setapak.
today it took me 4 hours++!! 4 hours++ leh!! fuck you Malaysia public transportation!
please don't come to visit Malaysia unless you are up for a long long wait for the transportation and if you are not in a hurry to finish up the trip.
ok... i took the ktm today.
i always have this thought.
LRT = higher class people, better looking people, more educated looking people, higher chances to meet angmo.
KTM = low class people, ugly looking people, less educated looking people, very very very low chance of meeting angmos, very very very very very high chances of meeting D.O.M and hamsap looking migrants!
and i am so so so right!!
and when i am in the train's carriage, oftenly i would look through out the whole carriage or at least how far my eye could bring me to see, just to spot whether there are criteria of LRT people or not.
out of 100%, 95% is KTM criteria.
and after doing my "routine" today, the thought of "Loser Carriage" came up to my mind and i was like sneekering away and there is this aunty keep looking at me!
i know la i am LRT criteria!! lolx~
i hate KTM man!!!
i would always opt for LRT but today is like i HAVE TO.

bloody bus make me wait for another almost 2 hour which sums up to 4 hours of journey back home.
class ends = 4.30 p.m
by the time reach KTM = 5.25 p.m
by the time reach my first destination = 6.05 p.m
waited for bus till = 8.00 p.m
reach home = 8.30 p.m!!

p/s : sorry for all four letter words but i can stand it no longer!! have to release it and this is the place right~~


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