Monday, December 22, 2008
i am so going to work out starting from now on! no more lazy attitude if i want to have a nice and well defined figure. hm~set mind to "work out" time~hohoho

talking about hohoho~ it is going to be 3 more days before Christmas! wee~ the best time of the year, for every year.. but not that best for me this year becaussseee.... finals is on the 14th of January! gosh~ so dang near right?! and i am so "studious" that i got 8 unit for finals instead of the normal 6 unit~
and i have not even start to study anything seriously and not even starting to aim for anything.
realized that it is better that you have an aim and then work towards it rather than blindly studying all the way.

at least i got a way out for my FOA.
i just don't get it why people can't appreciate what has been thrown to them f.o.c and instead they make it a joke and neglect it.
if i were to be given a second chance, i will brace onto it dearly and do what ever it takes to not waste that second chance.
i am a slow learner, yesss, not as quick and efficient and not as smart as all of "you" but at least i make an effort ans does not piss out the teacher right?! have "you" all even given it a thought that what others might think of all of "you" when they are exposed to "your" manners in which is no manners at all la~
it will directly reflect back to "your" family members~ who are suppose to have not been teaching "you" the meaning of manners.
i pity all of "you".
please repeat la ok~
just fuck off!

tomorrow they will be a birthday gurl!! wee~~
happy birthday En girl!!
so soorry that i will not be joining you all for the celebration but i will make it back up to you~ i promise!^^
but tomorrow i will be all alone at school eh~

someone change alot recently... not going to say who but someone dear to me.
she became more godly.
in a way, it is dang good la, of course..
in a way, it is annoying~ =.=
because all we ever text each other about are about people all around us and yes you all could call that gossip.
we blahed at each other through texting about people that we like and dislike..
girly stuffs like who she or i like or fancy~~ things like that and obviously bunch and heaps of "i hate you", "that gurl is a bitch..", "hate that freaking playboy/girl"...
things like that~~
but since like i also don't know when~ she changed.
not that is it not good.. it is just me that i can't accept it.
i feel that she is distance from me.
not really much of those bond, you know what i mean~~
'oh well, guess everyone change don't they~

i am so damn stressed now and am wondering now that why am i here blogging instead of plushing my face into heaps and heaps of books, studying till my eyes sore and till the a.m...
"put your hands in the ayer..ey ey ayer.."
ok that just came out suddenly, i love that song man~~

despite all stressed out, i am still vain~
please puke of my vainess~~lol

i so did not edit this~
i am so damn happy today due to something that i don't feel like saying.
my happiness evolve from a lot of factor today...
from the person that i want to meet everyday(saw that today), to finally found a way to destress myself, to my life going back to normal and not just college and back home everyday.
i realized that i actually still have time to hang out and have fun.
studies are dang important but living under the shell is a definite no no~~


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