Saturday, December 27, 2008

Being at Home...

is so damn boring!!!

actually promised my friends to go window shopping with them and just to catch back some gossips and lives of each other. nothing harmful really. if and only if my mum were the outgoing type and worry less kind, then i could go out every single day without worrying that she would call once every 30 minute to check where i am and what i am doing.
i went out the other day and me and my big mouth agree that i would not go out for the past 2 days and to stay at home to study! big mouth right??!! to see that i am here~~haix~
shouldn't have promised her that though~
but i would love to go countdown for the new year this end of the year and prolly hope that she will let!! that is why i am being "good girl" now so that i could evolve and be "bad girl"!! hahahaha~

who ever invented accounting will so get it from me weh!! yeoh~~
i have to resit that paper and i am still here!
i just can't get the concept and the meaning and the reason why there are accounting!!
i mean.. i know the reason la but why they make it so dang complicated and so many many many dang account for just one sales!!? and only for just one company!!??
here shows that i am damn bad with money matter and business matter la ok~
and not shy to admit.. I BLOODY AM!!!

i just got an itchy hand to blog so yea~nothing much then..
just bloody imagining that my friends are having a good time at the mall while picturing myself in the house either loitering around or mopping around and being to dang lazy to lay hands on books.
come on mum~~~ it is HOLIDAY!!!T.T
but finals coming la so maybe ...yea yea...
*back to study*
*fat chance*


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