Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

gosh!! it is Christmas Eve and i am stuck here with no activities! this year is such a boring christmas! huhu~
if it was for last year, i would be in the second or the third house eating turkey and stuffing myself to death with cookies and then throwing them out back due to partying and playing like it is the end of the world.
by this time, you all should know that i love to exaggerate! ha ha ha~
so pathetic weh...
i am now at house watching "The Grinch" a show that they always show on Tv2 every single Christmas eve. i have been watching it so many many times that i could play the role of that green abandoned monster!

while i was on my way back from college just now,(pathetic right? it is christmas eve and i still have class) i saw many many people, no, couple holding hands and looking at each other sweetly and adoringly walking to don't know where.. but i bet they are going some where they could celebrate christmas together. and i damn envy!!
hahahaha~~ i envy cause i have got no partner to party with me la, not other things yea~~*winks*
i was and am still merry today! although a bit sad that i have got nothing to do today.

i am lazy to blog also!!!
anyway~ tired also today because of swimming.
ok~ Merry Christmas to all of you out there!!
please have a great time and not a bored one like mine!
tomorrow got service!! yea~~love singing all those Christmas songs all at one go!!


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