Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year Resolution

this post makes me like i have got nothing else to post about right?!
actually i don't have anything to post about and since 2009 is just days away and am in the mood of "Bring on the new year" so i have decided to make a list of my resolutions.
i wouldn't make a long one though because as everyone know and prolly is the same, this resolutions either never came to pass or 1/4 of it came to pass.
admit it!!! you guilty people!!!

my 2009 wishlist (i rather call that)
1. i want to lose at least 3 kilograms!
(means there is no eating like there is no end for Chinese New Year)

2. i want to get a 3++ cgpa for my 3rd semester.
(i have to bloody work my ass from now to achieve that, i am not a scholar you know!)

3. i hope that by next year, i would be partiming as a nailist student.
(this is like the first wishlist that will never came to pass by next year but still i want to write it here!!) xp

4. i hope life in college will get more exited, no.. i hope that by next year they will have a dance club!!
(i super love dancing weh but no dance club then how to practice??!!)

told you all that i am going to make a super short new year resolution/wishlist.(i just don't know how to differentiate it)
all those sounds like stuff that i hope/will do for my very own self! lolx~

tomorrow is back to school day!
no more boredness in front of the television and don't know/ just to lazy to do things.
i miss college.
and i am going to college in a blind state tomorrow!
ever since i came back from MidValley the other day on Christmas, my left lens tore a bit and had this small pizza cut shape. but i continued using it. not feeling anything, so just used it la.. then on Sunday, saw that the small pizza cut is now like a cheese bite from a mouse!
and when i put it on, the lens will move right? then a part of my sight would be blur and apart of it clear in the left eye! damn~ then there is this cutting and poking feeling and damn it is irritating!
being the stuborn me, i continued using it and wore it to service. brought my lens case allong just in case. and sure it was the right thing i brought it along with me, because halfway through the service, my eyes damn pain and the stupid cheese bite lens is like super poking into my eyeballs.
bla bla bla bla.....
i am going to be blind tomorrow!!!!
and due to vainess, i am bloody hell not going to wear my terbalik power spectacles!!!


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