Monday, December 15, 2008

update on mu'ah

thought of blogging since it has been so long since i even stop by here to have a look.
been busy lately, still catching up on my studies and planned to go really really active in sports like how i used to be but found that this is hard to please. time and distance is always in my way! urrgghh~~
being an average student, i really really need to buck up and juggle things evenly so that i get every bit of every thing and to not be left out, either in studies nor in social life.
but that doing and fulfilling it is harder than saying it...

at last got my resit student bill today and as thought they will eventually let us resit what we requested to.
kinda regretted it now that i realized that i have not even start to study my this semester things so let alone what i am going to resit. damn stress lur now~~
being a slow learner and a great sucker in accounting and mathematics, this doesn't even help a bit!
should have started earlier! damn~no time already so i have to do the fast but risky way..
aim what is general~~ if it doesn't come out, i can kiss my RM 100 bye bye~~
TARC really really are very strict in their marking.
so don't enter TARC if you want a good life!! lolx!!

despite all those commotions, life is getting better.
life as in social.
friends are coming and going.. making new ones are more worthy than trying to keep old ones...
trying to change from what i am to what i am not.
you might say "be yourself" but i saw a show yesterday about this ants being mutanic ants and they eventually got smarter and stronger than normal ants due to their willingness and ability to change and adapt to the changing environment.
so i am just going to be those "ants".
just to adapt to the changing environment because only those that are able to adapt is the stronger species and life just get better!
love all my new friends....

love life just sucks.
so don't bother to ask..
can't find the Mr. Right..
doubt that there will ever be a Mr. Right for me.
am even confuse of what i am feeling right now..
this very moment of sitting here and typing this, only one person is in mind and you know who you are...
but this relationship seems impossible but then again, i never ever had this feeling of wanting to give up without giving it a try. i just cant seem to forget what had happened between us although it seem a bit dreamy and unreal.
you're just to good to be true.. cant take my mind off you, you're like heaven to touch..ooh, i wanted you so much, you're just too good to be true.. cant take my mind off you.

guess that that is all about me for this few weeks.
nothing special really but then again it is something to me.


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