Monday, December 15, 2008


i feel so compelled to do this and just to irritated someone!
presenting the best volleyball team ever together with cute captain, a bunch of handsomes and not forgetting the sweaty ladies! lolx!! and also A fool~ one one is a fool~

the best team!!

the gila team that i love so so much!!!

the hotties on the team!! *barf barf*

this is a nice picture but SOMEONE just has to be lame to destroy this nice picture!! wish i could edit that out!

thy chio gurls with our cute captain

let's bash him up!!! wee~~ i just miss those days!!!

damn~~ it always has to be like that..
getting along when it ends, being total strangers and stuck up during the first few meets.
i seriously thought that i would never ever make good friends out of you all but you all prove me wrong and yes, i love you all!!! even to those that hate me, i still make you friend!
please stay contact and hang out together ok!!


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