Friday, December 19, 2008
went swmming for two whole day and now i am like retarded!! painful hand, tired mind, watery nose and dead beat tired legs!
and i don't know how to swim!
am learning lur~~

finals are so darn near now...
and yea~you guess it, i am so not ready! and am so not ready for semester 2 to end too~
semester 2 is the best!!
i make a lot of friends this semester if compared to the semester before!
and gosh~ in just the blink of an eye, i am going to end my first year! and i did not feel that college life is as enjoyable and stress free as what majority used to say! i felt that is was very stressful! i would love to play and study at the same time but that doesn't work too well i think~ seeing to the fact that my results aren't that impressing.

i damn hate those that love and just enjoy to polish shoes.
you can polish all you like la but my shoes are clean enough so go polish some other people's shoes la~~

im getting kinda bored with blogging actually that is y there is nothing here anymore


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