Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i have been practicing a lot of volleyball and catching up on my studies this day that i had break my own record of not going online for last 5 days! woot~ guess that my eye sights are getting better too! and i manage to catch back on my sleep now that "someone" is not frequently online and to the fact that having internet is nothing that wonderful at all. in fact, internet only teaches me to waste my time sitting right here staring at LCD screens and typing away thinking that this is way better than messaging.
but no~ surfing everyday every night actually worsen my eye condition. my eye sight is worse off at around 175 at right and 150 at left. it actually increased a lot. all thanks to the one person that created lens, i can now have good eyesight without looking nerdy! lolx!

i love making new friends.
in fact, i recently make a new friend from a good friend of mine. and he also added to my list of brother in Christ!
i love this guy, literally la~ he is the type of guy that i would give anything to be his friend and to stand up for him no matter what. he is very godly and he makes me reflect on my own spiritual life in which i notice and obviously that i have been very very dry...
if i were compared to him, i am like so far left behind on the path to God!! i am so dry that i am lazy to pray before eating, before sleeping, forget to commit my day and everything to God, and trying to solve it all with my own power in which i will never be able to do it without God's grace.
i am so dry that i can't even recognize God anymore even if He just walked by! god! i am so unworthy!
thanks to this new friend, who make me realize who is the first and foremost in my life and that is none other than God himself, my Abba Father!! my Saviour and my First Love!!
He is in fact my everything and no one else will do!
so, thankx engirl for letting me making friend with this friend of yours! appreciate it a lot!^^

within this week, i make a lot of new friends too.
friends that would categorize as hard to get.
i told someone this... i lost one group of friends that i trusted but now i earned back one group of friends that i hope we will stay good forever.
last but not least, i miisss youu~you know who you are!


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