Saturday, December 20, 2008
mum lazy to cook today so we went out to have our dinner.
recommended by my brother. and i was so doubtful because you all must know, except for being a straight A student, he got no sense of taste whatsoever, either in fashion or food.
i was so darn doubtful!
till we reach there.
he said that it was cheap and so i expected some chinese apek looking restaurant.
but NO!!
the restaurant is like so damn high class weh...
you know those type of restaurant that chinese wedding will usually take place? yeah~ that kind of restaurant.
*no pictures because i forgot and i actually did not thought about blogging it*
anyway, the restaurant is situated at Taman Sentosa. near my area la of course. near alam damai. near the alam damai school.
people staying here should know where it is lo~
the name of the restaurant is Restaurant Yi Sheng
*if i remembered it right*
anyway, it was good la..
normal price i would say.
we ordered fish, veges, some meat and soup and only cost us rm40++.
no service tax la~ chinese restaurant ma~
was so darn bloated!@@
then went Guardian
*yea.. i got a boring life, no need you to tell it ok~~*
and bought this....

see that!! "double rich formula that heals dry skin"
the whole world now knows that i got dry skin!! lolx~
nah~actually got it from sports like under sun and swimming lo..
so i must now pamper my skin with it's moisturizers la~~
i am still those a bit girly girly type.. although i am not.hehehe~~

camwhore abit while waiting for my mum to choose her lipstick. she always take ages to do that!!! urrgghh~~

and i want this!!! does Paddington merchandise cost as mush as rm 100++ for a bear??
*p/s: you all could get me a Paddington bear for christmas you know!!*


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