Tuesday, December 30, 2008
in just one more day, 2008 is going to end and everyone is like "I have to close this year nicely" and i was like what turf are you talking about?
what do you mean by that?
do mean like you have to do the wildest thing that you have no guts to do it through out 2008 and you have been so at it to show it all and bear it all at the very last minute?
or do you mean that you would be staying at house, rotting, counting down the last hour, minute, or seconds of 2008 with books and nothing else but a whole stack of it and a round table and a stand fan and a horrible looking resit receipt!?
if the last one is one of the criteria of the "i must close nicely" then i am in that category!
damn~yea~ i am a super outgoing person but then again, i am kinda broke and the environment here is not as safe as a pig sty so i have decided to choose the lone ranger advocate.
so i am so damn free tomorrow lo ok~~*hint hint hint*
what turf...
i won't be going out also!

was super happy to be at college again today after like what...5 days in da house??!
it was like in a mental hospital weh~
super lame and super duper boring!!
and to top it all, i was sick~
i am like repeating my post~
what turf.

ok~no mood to blog~
Happy New Year Eve!!
Happy New Year!!
and to all TARCians, happy finals yea.. so don't clubbing and over enjoyed yourselves for the New Year and neglected studies~
*since i can't go anywhere so i might as well make you all feel ultimately guilty!!*


umanamadana said...

new years night is best spent with the fam ^^


Voxy said...

yea~except that my parent would sprawl to bed early and leave me alone with bro watching duno what movie that they put on tvs each year~lolx~~

to you too~~

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