Friday, December 26, 2008


on the 25th of december....

as early as 9, we were at the Flamingo hotel for Christmas celebration. seriously, i have not seen so many people for church service. all this while, the ballroom would always be half full but today it was so full that most of us either need to stand through out the whole service and others were escorted to have a sit outside of the room...where the could see every thing lur..
had fun monkeying around with da gangs...lolx~
like i said in previous post, this year is boring lur~~

went to Midvalley later in the afternoon and waited like anything for the public transports!!
gosh~it was like hell and i was already rushing to meet up with my friends..
i felt so bad making them wait for 30 minutes extra for me!T.T
and it is my first time meeting them! gosh! bad impression weh!!

okok~~you all must be wandering why i say that this is the first time meeting them right?~
ok~ i met this guy name Jackie through friendster and coincidentally he goes to the same college as my secondary school friends.
so we hooked up through messengers and texting each other.
he is a fun guy to be with and a sweet one too...^^
he asked me out before for quite sometime and i rejected because i was busy and all la~~ but i am la~i did not make it up la..
so at last reached MidV and was looking out for him lur and saw that he and his friends were sitting on the floor while waiting for me!! gosh! sorry mucha jackie!!
then we just went to MacD and sat there with their friends and mine and just talk lur~

i think that he is cute.
he melts my heart every time i see him smile.
he was so shy at first and then as he had warm up, he is so friendly~~
gosh~i am blushing now and i don't know how to continue lur~~
whatever la~
anyhow anywho.. hope that i could be good friends with him because he is a good friend to be with!!^^
i would say that that he was the greatest Christmas "gift" for me for this year's Christmas..


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