Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mid Valley and The Gardens

finally!! an outing with thy family!! ha ha ha ha~
to the thought of it, i have not been shopping with my family for this 2008. i am such a bad child. always go out shopping with friends..
oh well~~
went to Mid Valley and The Gardens today. and this is my first time to The Gardens. yea~ i am so late right?!! Gardens has open like for so long and this is my first time there! lolx~~shameness~
realized that MidV and Gardens has almost the same deco...NO. is Gardens re-used MidV's deco! so lame right?

The Gardens's decoration. the balls looks familiar right?! i don't get what concept they used with the cage and all but im thinking something about in fairyland or like a piece of heaven.

this one is from MidV. i so get this concept and hate it man! their concept is more to circus, theme park, clowns with bombastic clothings and a little of fairyland wonder. and this spook me out. this reminds me of boogy man~ ok~ MidV, u suck this year~ although Gardens has almost the same concept and prolly used by you before, you totally nailed it and Gardens won.

today is actually shopping day for brother.
he saw this Nike shoes and eyed it for quite sometime and so decided to lay his hands on it today in which he can declare bankruptcy! lolx~
the shoe cost him rm200.

camwhored while entering Nike store and yes, i am vain!

camwhored with my mum while waiting in the store for my brother to choose his shoes.
i so so so damn love this photo! i think this is the most happiest i had ever been in all my other photos!
and my hair looks long! lolx~
(do we look alike?)

my mum is so cute. she suddly went and sit opposite of me and ask me to take her picute then scold me why i take her picutre!!! what the~~*chuckles*
her hair so chio right??~~

my brother and his Nike shoes.. can do promo face samo!! lolx~~ he so doesn't look like both of us!! adopted i guess!! lolx~~
i forgot to blog that i went to church this morning and was onduty.
Stephanie was the only baby at first and she is so cute!!
she hang the christmas tree all by herself!!
even me is lazy to do that~~

baby stephy playing and learning about a warm warm bad for baby Jesus...
stephy got big big house while Jesus baby only got a warm warm cradle...
*she has been promoted!!huhuhu~~not going to see her next year!!*

got tired with cradle and then decorate tree.
she decorate it the whole tree by herself eh~ and nice too~~ although looks like simply hanging those ornaments all over.

that just prolly sums up my day today.
and yes, i have got nothing to do on christmas eve and it is going to be dull this year~
all busy and all~~ hm~~
oh well, it is a day to remember the birth of Christ too right~


umanamadana said...

oh damn, is your bro holding air max 90's? cos they look pretty hot.

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