Friday, December 5, 2008

Stupid Macdonald has problems with their wireless connection and I sat there for well around 30 minutes trying to get connected and thought that something is wrong with my lappie. Turns out that I worry too much! Damn~ they should put out a sign or something la~ to notify users that they are having problems with the WIFI.

And I wasn’t having the idea to give them business but I can stand it no more and bought a drink and just for the sake of asking them what is the matter with their connection. Damn… I am now pumping fats into my body again! Huhuhuhuhu~ my healthy regime so tak jadi!! Lolx!!

Awhile ago, saw some came in to interview to become part of the Macdonald crew. And I saw my friend. But he did not recognize me. Hish~

But I had another question in mind. Why din they continue studies after secondary 5? Is it so important to find job compare to studying? Is having money and working ass off more worth while than sitting in the lecture hall, cold and contented and having a choice of choosing whether to listen or not but need to strive then?

I would choose sitting in lecture hall and sleep! Lolx!!

Although I need money badly. T.T

I am so broke this month. Worse off than the month before!


Lens did not give me problem today and am feeling that I am no more allergy to it. Yeah!

I am so so so good today because I did all house chores before going out! Wee…

No school on Monday and I will and am damn bored now!


and i invaded people's blogs! peoples that i don't know! lolx!!

yea~ this is me during weekends, days of which i have no class...


umanamadana said...

i dont think everyone is working part time just for the money. they want to work to gain real world experience as well right?

i mean, once you leave uni, you gotta start work. and work dont have long summer holidays...... T_T

so i guess working part time kinda gives you a wake-up call to the adult world yeah?

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