Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Day of The First Day of The Year

haha~please care-less about the title, i just don't know what title should i fill up there. what i wanted to say was what happened today in the first day of 2009.

i woke up at 11.30a.m(not yet p.m).
and also because i want to take a piss, if not for that, i think i would not be up that "early".

ate my breakfast which is reheated because... you guessed it, i woke up at late so my mum reheated again for me to eat it. awww.. sweet..
but i like my food COLD!! ^^
anywayyyy, while washing the dishes, i turned over the plates and pots and the kualis to check where they came from, as in product from where. but this is not a habitual thing, i don't know why the heck i got this urge his morning to do that, prolly the overslept-ness made me go cuckoo~
and i realized that most of my house's dining utensils are either from JP or Korea and not CHINA!
happy-ness overwhelmed me! don't really know for what reason it turned up my orgasm, but i would like to name this orgasm-exitement of mine to "Orgasmicnism For Expensive Product"! Lolx~
yes, i go all high-up for nice, expensive, chio-looking stuffs like clothings, handbags, shoes and even dining utensils...
all in all, i LOVE branded stuffs.
although all people would say BRANDED stuffs is expensive due to the BRAND only..but what turf!! you jealous arh that i have the capability to own it. lolx~ sorry yea for the terasa readers, not saying it to you, but to 'someone'.
so i started my hunt and rummaged all my stuffs to see the percentage that my stuffs are genuine and not pirated stuffs from China or HK. and i found out that almost 80% of my stuffs are genuine and i got all exited again! lolx~ well, for one thing that i am not that all exited is that i am using a China phone! T.T this is the thing that i carry around where ever i go, even to the toilet, is a China product and i was like what turf at myself!
*made up my mind to change it when i got the moola~*

after all the crazy commotions which ended around 1.30p.m,(i got a lot of belongings) went out for lunch with thy friends. with ONE friend actually. still the closest to me after secondary ended. and she is a kindergarten teacher now! gosh, her wish came true and here i am still stuck between my mum's decision and my own urge to acheive my dreams.(i got hell lot of stuffs that i want to acheive so i might write about that later)
then i 'hibernated' as soon as i reach home.
woke up to the sound of my mum's grumblings. what turf betul!!
then i go grab my Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith to read while taking my 'daily dose' of must-have...

yea!! Cadbury chocolates!!!
usually i would whole the whole big bar like this...

and munch on it the whole day.
and gain like freaking 2 kilo the next day!!
so i laid off the big bar for quite sometime now and still find pleasures with the small ones.
having around 5 - 6 piece perday of the small ones is not as fattening as the one big bar la~

then i dose off again, yea..after candy i still can doze off. i won't be like hyperactive and all those shits. guess those are for kids. not TEENAGERS!*you thought i am going to say "old people like me" huh? blek~*
then went out with the family for dinner.
dinner at BRJ! BRJ = mamak stall! mamak stall rocks!!! wee~~
and i saw my godbrother there! aww~~ it has been so so so long since i talked to him face to face, breath to breath, punch to punch, i meant pinch to pinch*snickers*..ouh~you get what i mean.
but i did not went ahead to him and his family members who were eating just to butt in for awhile to bid hello.
instead i messaged him when i reach home.
me: i saw you~~~*stalk stalk...*
bro: *freaked out* where the hell you saw me la?where are you now?and where am i now huh??
me: *psych* i saw you at BRJ just now. you and family eating and i was there for the same reason too.
bro: stupid girl!! why din you stalk by to say hello la??damn miss you~~
me: don't want la, im shy la.your parents are eating and are there~
bro: me tak kisah, parents lagi tak kisah~~
me: sorry la cyg~~*wink wink*
bro: okok~~godmum and dad says hello to a bodoh goddaughter~
me:*cricket sound*
(and while typing this, i was like why the hell am i typing what i message just now??!!)
(p/s: sorry for this message..please ignore this if you feel that i am showing off)

my first day is such a bored!!
although i sleep most of the time, but the good thing is that i don't feel so tired anymore now!^^
another problem is...


p/s: i love 2009 because it consists two of my lucky number and coincidently is what my date of birth is!
pp/s: some psycho said that my chinese horoscope(horse) will bring bad luck in money wise for this 2009. what turf you old man!!! i am going to have a great life, full of prosperity and luck in MY 2009!!


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