Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have you Ever Wondered?

have you ever wondered??*continue tomorrow*
finished my Macroeconomics paper today and was actually quite satisfied with what i had answered but~ i had totally lost a 9 mark question because i read it wrongly and i mistook it for another policy and a 4 mark question that i had to leave it blank and kissed it goodbye because i had not covered that chapter in which every one said that no question from that chapter. what turf!

then 2 hours later was my Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan test.
a little bit history from me being in my secondary school...
languages such as English and Bahasa Melayu was, had and still is my strong point whenever it comes to examinations, be it in finals, small test, midterm test, trials, Spm.. you named it, i scored perfect A's for those language!
but the BM paper today really really is a pain in the ass!
this is like the first time ever the Language Queen had no total 100% confidence that she will scored an A- so let alone A la hor~haix~
*flies~* there goes one of my hope to get an A to pull up my cgpa grades! what turf!
i anyhow, did my very very best to finish up all 3 sections~

we actually got this part where we have to translate English to Bahasa Melayu.*yea what turf right??!*
so there is this part where in English: 'Federal and state roads has the highest total deaths compared to highways and town roads'
and i was like what turf is 'federal' in Bahasa?! what turf is 'state' in Bahasa?! what turf is 'highway' in Bahasa?!
what turf is 'town road' in Bahasa?!
so i ended up=>
federal roads = jalan federal
state roads = jalan negeri
highway = jalan besar*this is the funniest la!*
town road = jalan kampung*i thought country is town!what turf*

another best and new thing that i found out about Bahasa Melayu in college is that, not only we are tested of our language but we are also test for our counting skills! yea! what turf!
yea~now the thing that i diskike has invaded units that i love!! T.T
all in all, i would jump and dances around madly if i can get an A- for my Bahasa Melayu Lanjutan.

then again~my friend ditch me and drove back home himself and leave me there and other friends waiting for him under the scorching sun while i called him like 9 times and no answer~
that sums up my day today!

blog title was suppose to be something that i thought and suddenly pop into my mind just now while waiting for mummy.
guessed i will leave it tomorrow la because i want to Innit because suresh is telling his special story!
*flies there*


bebek said...

hope you will pass the exam esp bahasa melayu lanjutan (i guess that is your most hated subject ehhh??)
and... you are as cute as your blog too!!! nite.....

Voxy said...

sorry for being rude yesterday!
no, i love Bahasa Melayu. im from kebangsaan school and i can speak very fluently in that language.
it is just that we have to count some intepretasi graph thg and i hate counting

twenty-six said...

my english is bad and my BM is worst but i think it should read as

federal roads ; jalan persekutuan
state roads ; jalan negeri...correct
highway ; lebuhraya
town road ; jalan kampung*...err damn..jalan bandar?village road?ahh BM getting harder nowadays!

Voxy said...

twenty six:
lolX that is y la!
during secondary school where got all this translation things! lolx~
my mum said that town road is jalan bandar cx town is bandar~but i have never heard people say jalan bandar.

even malays themselves uses english when they speaks and they expect us to know how to translate!lol

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