Friday, January 16, 2009

In Search ....

woke up early for marketing today and as soon as i come back, continue sleeping.
*i know~so lifeless right!?*

since Chinese New Year is around the corner, my mum and i had been in the mood of loads of baking cookies and shopping for what they call CNY things. although 'CNY things' sounds like it is something special, actually it is not.. it is things that we normally can find, easy to get, use often.. things like mushrooms, canned foods, sweets wrapped nicely.. you know~normal stuffs and this stuffs suddenly became IMPORTANT during CNY and omfg, they are so dang expensive! so not worth it at all but they sell like hot cakes! pheeww~

i am very very important! auspiciousity is me!

so many of them! i just don't know what to choose!!

yes, all the above is a must have so we spend one whole day searching high and low for those!
and you know what~i did not even touch my book the whole day!
what turf and rofl!


Harmony said...

All those goodies look great!

Voxy said...

indeed they do but so expensive!

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