Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Would I Do

i can't help it but to come here and do my blog. people always ask me, where do i get my inspiration to blog and if you all notice, each of my entry has almost an equal amount length of ramblings and my thoughts for the day. some people even said straight to my face that i shouldn't be so blunt in my blog, as in expressing what i feel towards other without giving a hell how they feel. and you know what YOU people, if you do not like it then fark off! there! i did, was and will always be this blunt here, so what are you going to do about it huh? ISA-ed me for being overly blunt?! what turf! just bloody don't read my blog la if you hate it so much! why do you even bother to read it if you hate it?

as for the inspiration... i seriously do not understand what do you mean by inspiration~
does inspiration means that you simply create an event and make it a happening one and takes loads of pictures and you make sure that it was super fun so that you will have at least something to blog about at night?
your meaning of inspiration is that you mind-created a story and so obviously it is a make up *duhhh* and you blog about it by inserting names of your peeps, names of the places that you stay, uploading pictures that you Google-ed from Google Firefox then you edit it to make more like pictures that you captured~ just to make it seem ever more real, and wala~ you had an 'inspiration' to blog.
you went and read all your blogger friends link list, all their entry, looking at all their pictures and how they have their own accent and way of blogging~ and then you try to pick out their own copy-righted self quote and try to make it YOUR copy-righted quote *so wuliau~ go think one of your own la*. and then you categorized that as an inspiration?

sorry to say and make you all can't bitch back at me, i do neither of the above! read~ NEITHER!
if you farklings do not understand the word neither or how to use the word NEITHER in grammar sentences constructing, i would recommend you to just go and fly your own kite, jump down from a building, drink acid and let it burn your pitiful stomach, or just run out aimlessly at an on coming car and~~
*i just wrote something bluntly, so how? YOU want to bitch slap me now?huh?!*

on the lighter side...
to those that asked me politely on how, what, where, when, why *4W1H* i am able to do at least one single blog entry every single day, as if my life is so meaningful, as if i have so many event going on in my life as an Marketing student, as if i live my life as someone who works beside famous stars~ bla bla bla~
i am just going to list it down la yea~ so next time don't ask again la hor~ if you ask, so i assume that you do not read my blog la hor~ so why turf you ask?!

- yea~ lame, i know. i meant the quote and not me. to others, that quote might have been washed down to the drain because it is like centuries old and all those shit~ but i held on to this quote and i see it the other way. i used to see that i have got no life at all because, being a student and all, it has always been, after school walk back home, have lunch and then shower and then do homeworks. till the cows go home. and then dinner with family and then revision and i will always end the day by praying to God to give me a life and not a routine. i hate routine! *slaps routine*

now that i am a COLLEGE *it is rainbow!* student, like as any college student would say, i have MORE FREEDOM. freedom means less routine, not totally no routine! but just a tiny lil wit more of freedom. and with this tiny bitsy freedom that i can finally acheived after 17 years of nerve-wrecking routine everyday, i really live this up to the fullest. i know that you don't get me now...

Eg ah: my class used to be the most together class. means that we, each classmates always stick together and goes every where together. short to say, we were fine classmates and we would celebrate everyone's birthday *if it is on a college day*. and if it wasn't, we would still give wishes on OUR blog, class blog. *cool right~* noticed the word 'used to be' yea~ and i remembered that we had celebrated, to me celebrate must have cake and more than 5 people la hor, one of our friends birthday with just us and cakes and singings lo~ nothing big, nothing that super special, no hu ha~ just us. and just with that, we had the greatest time of our first life in college and we had captured the memories that last a lifetime pictures. now that we are not close anymore~ those brings tears to me eyes~ what turf~

ok~my example so long what turf! moving on~~ *slaps victoria!*


- feelings. this is very very rare to find that someone who has the same feel that you were feeling on that single day. so if you are reading your friend's blog and you went like 'hey, i was feeling the same way too today. how come so coincident?'
think again.
like i said, it is very very very rare to suddenly hey she feels what i feel today, unless that she is your another twin *identical or fracternal, who cares* and people rumoured that they actually shares the same feelings. don't know true or not la~ but i think that even siblings some times also will experience it right? since we come out from the same womb~ all i know, my brother and i does, sometimes, when the blue moon is up in the sky.
so do not go all around saying only twins got telepathic, telekinetic and all those shit stuffs yea.. too much SUPERNATURAL a?

and so yea~ i got side tracked there. what i was trying to bitch about here is that if you blog according to what you feel on that day, then you would realized that you are in the same league with me, blog so damn farking long that Blogspot will sent and email and ask you to shut up. *i did not get it la~*

guessed that that is the 2 reason/inspiration, like most of you would like to use.. when i do my blog. i do not plan anything, it just comes the moment l lay my butt on the floor, sitting there and clicking to http://mylildivaworld.blogspot.com, entering into the 'New Post' area, and when i fingers starts dancing away on my lappie's keyboard.
saying about keyboard, i think i need to change mine already! what turf! because, if i was on the right mind, i think when i bought this lappie, the buttons on the keyboard *what turf, what you call that?* aren't that loose and it was kinda hard to press and now, my fingers are just on it lightly and there comes out my A, B, C and all la~
huhu~ have to empty purse again! what turf!

i have to go study now~ i was thinking should i go out for a stroll outside my house? i have been longing to do so but recently here got robbery case eh~ huhu~ fucktards robbers!
and YOU! bitch slap me la if you find this post a lot of 'blunt knives' *poke your small fucky heart!!*


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