Wednesday, January 7, 2009

On My Way Home

usually on my way home, i would wish hard and kept closing and then opened my eyes again, hoping to see that i am in my mum's car or in my own home sweet home. for this past few days, prolly the over-hardworking of my piunny lil' brain for the finals make me cross wire and go cuckoo~ i dread to reach home. i hope that the 2 hour journey would be a 4 hour or more journey, short to say...i wish that i won't reach home that soon.

i think the reason that i am having this kind of stupid thinking is, the moment i reach home, i would unpacked my stuffs and then have my dinner, at damn pathetic but nothing could be done because i reach home at that time and sometimes it would be 9p.m. then i would take a freaking long bath, by that time it would be around 9p.m, and then straight away my butt would be glued to the study room's chair.
right till i feel tired.
i am already tired the moment i reach home.
but if i don't do the revision, i would be as stupid as a pig*or more like an otak udang*

but i made plans already. after my finals, i want to play and rock my life hard by going out every freaking day. whoop my ass if you find me at home, sitting there and online-ing! lolx~
my last day of finals would be in the mornings, which is 9a.m to 11a.m. this means that i could go to where ever i want *shopping first priority* without worrying about paperworks, tutorials, accountings, mathematics and the list goes on~

Things To Do After Finals

1) walk till i drop hard on the last day of the finals. shopping/window shopping spree!! wee~
2) promised my very own self that i would think of a new hairstyle and have it done.
3) another promise to me self that i would start searching for Nail Art Academies. any suggestions?anyone?
4) after all the hoo haa, and if i am lucky enough, i would like to find a part time job. hope that i could get some job that are interrelated to what i am studying.

i have a freaking one month holiday!!!
suffer first then enjoy!
"bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian"
*is this the right peribahasa?my BM suck big time already since entered TARC. all speaks mandarin!muah don't understand!!*


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