Friday, January 9, 2009

A Morning Bid

good morning you all!! huahaha!!

i am now on my study leave to prepare for my finals and see~~ see where am i now??!
yesh!! you all got it correct! i am online-ing! T.T so you all can whoop my ass la~ lolx~
told you all that i would go 'dating' with my laptop and my internet connection whenever i am at house alone and whenever i need to study, the mood just doesn't want to come out!!
then regret later~what turf~

okok~bye~ going to study now.
*somewhere in that process of going, surely i would stop down to eat, drink, ooh the television is so tempting, the sofa is calling my name, food in the freezer is just way to cold and need me to save them.. bla bla bla*


umanamadana said...

yeah man i always look to the internet as a way to procrastinate from my studies.

heres a tip: turn off your laptop and store it somewhere deep in your closet. and try your best to not turn it on until your finals are over XD that way you can seriously focus on studying rather than aimlessly browse the net (this is based on my personal experience =P)

Voxy said...

lolX~tried before la dude~
aint working at all~
while studying, i would be sitting there wandering about blogging, my mails, my fs~and all those thgs la~
then end up go chk and then stuck in front of it!
hate you WWW~lolx~

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