Sunday, January 11, 2009

CNY is Here!

Chinese New Year(CNY) came early this year. cny is usually celebrated around early of February but i think the moon and the sun spun around faster this year around because cny is celebrated at the ending of January for 2009. and lucky me, my finals will end on the 24th which is around 4 days before the cny day. in which i will fill up those few days before the big day to help out at house with the baking cookies-of-all-sorts session. which means, i am fully booked! sad~ no going out with friends after the finals.. that is if my mum don't really need me and give me the nod-of-happiness for me to go out at least a day.

it is 2 weeks before cny and the feel or so to say aura of the big day is very much felt. actually, it is very very much felt 3 weeks before! haha~
i know it when i see it. when we go to the market, we will be spending about 15 to 20 minutes just to find a car park. when that is all set and done, we would be cursing in our hearts that the people in front would just stand aside to talk and not right in the middle of the market. on usual days, meat would cost A/kg, when cny's around the corner, meat's price is Z/kg(P increase like hell). where ever we go, our ears would be unwillingly flooded with the unchanging cny songs that is played over and over again till, i bet, those ang mo s that don't know mandarin would be able to sing that song out!
that is how i know that the big day is just around the corner.

nevertheless, me, being apart of the chinese society, though we don't quite celebrate it the way the others do.. we still practice the tradition of food exchange. so accompanied my mum buying some preparation for the cny, and stuffs for cookies just now. and gosh! we waited even longer than usual for a carpark. and hell, even cemetery is bigger than that place's carpark!
when we were finally in...

there were just so many people that i have to be ass to ass with them!
and those over there are choosing what my mum said that that must be something that they cook every year.
it is called ngaku, a.k.a ARROW HEAD.

there! the abundance of ngaku during the cny is just untolerable! *and look abit like a penis with one testicle hor*
and this can't be found on usual days, only during the festive. cute huh!

and i was telling my mum this:
me: mum, how come we could only get this during the festive?
mum: i don't know~ maybe it is their season.
me: so cute hor~ this vege know how to come out in time and help increase country's economy.
because mostly chinese would buy at least 24kg of it!!

serious! i saw this lady, she was actually in the crowd choosing to her heart's desire! then i think her heart's desire is way to much that when she saw the worker there taking out new ones, still in boxes, and without thinking, she just grab 2 big boxes.
FYI, one box = 24kg!
i was like what turf!! do business ka! hahaha~

when people talk about cny, they will never ever forget...

yup! mandarin oranges a.k.a kam.
*ex-kill-se the gurl! she is in my way!*
*not me ok!!*

kam brings the meaning of gold in cantonese, i think, yea~cantonese..
solly la, gua not that berry gutt in cina ma~
but bear this in mind peeps.. this..

this is the mandarin orange, and look closely~

what turf!!

bah!! secret revealed!
emails of this picture of the mandarin oranges has a been a wide spread. this could possibly be done by some people that hates eating mandarin oranges by using photoshop and adding the worms in.
this could be the real thing!
because some say that, China, just because they want more profit for this year to cover up the world wide recession, they have decided to increase their production, the production of the mandarin oranges.
yes, good thing to do that because it do benefit all. but, they did it the wrong way it seems.
growth of fruits is a nature thing and nothing could make the trees bear fruits faster, yes, nothing all but except the miracles of science.
seems that they inject some kind of chemical in the tree of this kam, just to make the tree bear more fruits.
like as in guys eats viagra to boost their ability to "shoot" or to make their "buddy" harden la...
but, this is to make trees bear fruits. more of it and at a quicker rate.
prolly some side effects took over, or those bloody China man over inject or that they are bloody idiot...
something went wrong with the mandarin oranges this year.

so becarefull each time you think of sunking your teeth in to that 'oh, so juicy and thirst quenching' mandarin oranges.
because something might linger in your mouth just after that big bite!


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