Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Nearly Died

i nearly died due to a lot of things today.

mommy:let's go SG Wang today!
me:what turf! why so sudden??
mommy:nothing.just feel like money splurging and help boost econ..
me:whatevf~*leaps inside*

ok~i nearly died of happiness! ngehehehe~
because Saturdays are usually a bored and all we do is house keeping, all day, and all i hear is grumblings~
but today, *wee* shopping!! bought a new goggle alas! woo~so damn happy you know! but hor~does chlorine turns white stuffs to yellow? cause if it does, then habisla my new nice and white goggle! ohwhatturf!

i nearly died...
when we are done stalking all shops at SG Wang and wanted to walk over to TS, the sky opened up and pour down His blessings when the weather is already so damn cold!
i was kinda pissed off at that time. if i were given a choice,*not much choice actually* i would rather walk TS rather than SG Wang. although both places super lala~
this is because, SG very very 'wong' la~ so many people and so suffocating!
i hate shopping malls where i will bump into people when i walk and i hate people that has no self concious. standing in the middle of the road and all...
can die wan leh if i see this kind of people...
and and and and...
i can die also just by looking at the way they dress!! ohmyfcukingod!
i cant stand super duper metallic colors! what turf is that?! where is their sense of fashion?? whatz with super bright green pants matching up with apair of rainbow colored shoe and a bright colored orangey... whatever baju is that cause it doesn't looked like clothes, it looked like a piece of cloth wrapped around like how grannies used sarong to wrap around. =.=

seriously, i can die due to so many things when i am in SG W. their toilets, their road pavements, their taste of clothes, their food, their cleanliness, their manners...etc etc~

i nearly died...
like i said, the congestedly congested SG Wang with swarming humans gives me headache!! @@
when we finally dare to go under the rain to TS, my head was already pounding and i feel nausea. and while crossing, i realized how stupid we were...
me:oh fuck! i am so stupid lur~
mommy:y a??*steps on puddle*oh fuck!
me:y din we take to stupid farking monorel! can reach ts dryly leh!!
mommy:*ahahahahah**all the way there*
me:*cursing all the way there*
ok~damn stupid la that one! and i can die because of my own stupidity too~
i used that monorel everyday and still i can forget where it can bring us to~
and we have to 'lam' rain!*uhuhu*
and it was so heavy. and i was pounding my head*eh?!*i meant my head was pounding.

i nearly died...
when i nearly barf everything out whilst in the car!!
okok~i did not barf out the contents la~i NEARLY!
the disgusting part is~ i barf in my mouth!@@ what turf!
and i swallow it back!

end of story.
p/s:please dun nearly died like me when you saw my last statement.
pp/s:don't need to go SGW and TS for shopping if you're not lala
ppp/s:bring ella ella wherever you go this days, rainy season bah~


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