Friday, January 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

it is not spring here and there is no spring here so why call it spring cleaning??~
hm~~ something to ponder....

helped out my mum to do house cleaning today.
yea~ you all thought that i was so filial a?! actually got tons and heaps of scolding from my mum asking me to help out too but i was obviously lazy. bla bla bla~ ended up me doing almost all of the cleaning and sweeping!
damn~ that is why i feel like i had been cheated by them, both my brother and mother.
now having a super running nose and pimples due to the dust! yesh~i hate dust moths/dust bugs/whatever shit la~ i am kind of allergy to them and yet my mum still have the hearts to ask me to clean dusty places! T.T
now the place is super spick and super span! all thanks to ME of course!!! *vain vainnn~*

been studying the whole day now!
and i feel like i am super smart now.
ooohhh~~i think my head is a few inches wider! lolx~

black is so me!!
i have so so so so many many many many things that are BLACK in color! *hearts*
this is just the very few stuffs that i got which are *duhh* in black.

my old faithful black "BE READY" pencil case. i got this since secondary one and i am now in college and see.. still is super duper good shape!!

and this is my new black piece, in fact a Christmas present from Vivian darling.
i heart it so much!
actually i thought it looked quite auntish at first but i found that it has this elegant look from this handphone pouch and i love the LOVE zipper~

i was resting this afternoon, settling down myself to something hot because it was kinda chilly here today and grab a mag which is f.o.c and there pop into our mail box like twice monthly.
i like looking and flipping through this mag and would eventually read all that are printed on each and every of it's pages. their concept is ads space so it is precise and to the point and no fussy wossy words.
i was actually in search of hair dressing academies, nail academies because this is what this mag offers.
and i was so engrossed with this column which is Schwarzkopf's academy ad for hair styling and there wrote that the government is subsidizing the academy and all la~
then usually at the bottom kan they will have like, "If any inquries, please bla bla bla..." right?
then i saw this....

ish~blur arh~ can you all see nicely? the last line before the big telephone number which is not part of the ad. the last line before the yellow line.
it says "If you have any doubtful, please DO hesitate to consult us."

what turf!!

what a famous academy but they have the suckiest english ever! prolly on this whole planet earth! gosh!

p/s: now i am doubtful whether are you the real Schwarzkopf academy?! and i am so hesitating to ask you that!


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