Friday, January 23, 2009

Shitty MSN

messenger was such a pain in the ass for the pass few days. in fact, not only messenger, even the land connection sticks up my butt! i can't even sign in to anything, msn will keep disconnect and will never reconnect! google-ing take a heck-ing 30 minutes to enter into a web page and another 15 minutes for it to load the page and another bloody 30 minutes to run the program! huish~
resulting, no blog updates, no msn with pig and friends, no calling through msn, even want to download skype also a big issue! heck with Malaysia la~

tomorrow is the last day of war. exam. finals and yes.. it is really the final tomorrow and in just a blink of an eye! *chingg*
and we are going to do something tomorrow to celebrate our victory and then comes the one whole boring month! ish ish ish~ guessed that i am going to download a whole loads of videos, j and k movies and dramas, hk and taiwan dramas and sticks my butt to the chair the whole day!! woo~~ngehehehe~ lifeless, i know~ but there is nothing to do or go and it is so dangerous even just out to get the newspapers here in Malaysia.

woot~ i have got nothing to blog about but i am not going to sleep tonight! yeah! sleeping is such a waste of time! and i hate sleeping actually, because it makes me 24 hours less perday! unfair!


umanamadana said...

only sleep when you die lah. live life to fullest yes.

Voxy said...

yes!!hey that is my motto!lolx~how have you been uman?

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