Monday, January 12, 2009

Vanity Day

studied the whole day today at the school library and at last learned what i was and am blur in.
then came the best part and the reason that i agreed to be out of house today... hehe..
yes.. SWIMMING!!!

later on, we(me and another friend) went for our dinner before we call it a day. loads of pictures all the way from the moment we were in the car till we finish gobbling our dinner because we were so darn hungry after the swim.
went Jusco Kepong and had dinner at Food and Tea. i thought that at Kepong, this restaurant would taste better than my Food and Tea here. thought that different chef so different way of cooking lur...
but hell no~ never ever want to go to have anything there anymore...

before that, while on the way, it rained heavily and so nothing to do so camwhored.

prove of it!! bah~~

stupid! rain only then jam! what turf~~=.=

after this would be the part where you will see a lot of me and my friend. she damn cute lo~ lolx~ but i damn dangerous also lur because i disturbed her while she was driving and that time was raining quite heavily also.

this one tercepat-et so can her her like so exited and see me ter show my rabbit teeth. what the~~

bah~a nicer and clearer one! you see~so cute lur, i meant her.. V pose! V for Victoria! yeah!!

and wee... i captured the sunlight!
*actually is the light from the lorry behind us. raining where got sun?!!*

last picture and we had reached our destination and time to makan makan!! wee~~
V pose rocks! and she so cute! that also rocks! lolx~~

so we went to Food and Tea and settled our order.
both of us called each a set of meal.
mine = fried chicken with vegetables whatever hong kong style, comes with a corn crabmeat mushroom soup, the herb jelly and i ordered watermelon as the drink.(Rm 10.90++)
hers = cheesebake rice with chickenchop, comes with mushroom soup, the herb jelly and Yin Yong as the drink.(Rm 12.90++)
*all in a set and it taste awful*

corn with crabmeat mushroom soup

mushroom soup

she was thrilled at first about the mushroom soup...

after a sip~~

damn reluctant to drink~ needless to say what Food and Tea's standard is la~

she asked me to do tak sedap face also but ended up laughing and looking fat!! =.=

after like 5 minute wait, which is way better than my area here, at least they are more efficient there la rather than Aeon Jusco Cheras Selatan.. the food came.

my fried chicken whatever with vege whatever hong kong style.
one thing i learn here is that, either hongkies hate vegetable or hongkies find vegetable expensive till they only gave me a small piese of freaking broccoli. there!! at the side there~~
so damn kiam siap~

her cheesebake rice with chicken chop.
doesn't look as tempting as mine but hers taste better than mine!
mine is like all kicap underneath and it was so so so... what does kicap taste again?? *blurred*

after dinner, yea.. camwhore time again!!
she did most of the crazy stuffs! and i was the camera woman~ because i don't know how to do gila pose!! lolx~
let the picture do all the saying lur~~

V pose!!

i don't know what was going on here~

ok! this is the best picture today! lolx~
try to guess~ she looks like a marine animal here! try guessing what it is~~ lolx~
en, if you know then you put comment at the end of the post la~not the cbox arh~~

want to see more of the gila-ness of this you-thought-she-is-cute-and-sweet girl??
you say don't want i also don't bloody care because i am still going to post it anyway!! wek wek~

bah!!! it is The Shrek!!

she actually got one melody want for the 2 V pose above but i forgot how the tune goes la~~ haix~~

then she got bored!! lolx !!

while she got all hyperactive and all, i just sat there chioly and drink my juice.
see la, why you so excited la??! see i so pretty and yau yeng!! lolx~

and then she sent me to the nearest KTM and so there goes my 2 hour journey home.

was so bored in the ktm and can't do much camwhore or else people will look at you one kind.
till i reach MidV station then in came a few cute guys. looks like japanese but shyt~ China apek men!!
so returned to the picture above~


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