Monday, January 12, 2009

For Today

morning every one!
just some random post before my day starts.
will leave home around nine later and hope that that bitch will be wide awake and prolly have way bathing so that i need not to wait him for so long. actually it is nice of him to offer to fetch me along to college for today. and we are going to do study group together. yea, STUDY...TOGETHER...and yes, from VICTORIA.

for those that have known me for quite some time, they will know that Victoria knows no meaning of studying together. her dictionary of life has always stated that "studying together results in talking and not getting anything done".
hope that we would choose an outside place later on so that forbids us from talking out loud and way too much. outside place is the main library hall so all the angku's and apek's would be there to shhsssh*their job*us from talking and disturbing others. seriously, tarc's library doesn't resemble anything like a library to me, more like a shooping mall full of books to choose from to me it seems. because, students walks in and out noisily as in some dragging their feet all the way out and makes noisy 'sha sha sha' sound, like they have no back bone to lift them up. while some would be so inconsiderate that they bring in their laughter and giggles from the moment they stuff their belongings into the locker till the moment they found a sit a sit and then settle down. 5 minutes later, super noisy noise would arose from their place! goddamnit! knnccbb~~

intend to learn my Business Stats from a friend later on, my what turf Accountings, and studies and tries to memorize my Business Information Systems and Application(BISA). and actually BISA is what IT-ians studys. funny how tarc named all the units according to what school we are in when it is just the same to what all school's students studys!! lolx~
and they think we would not figure it out! what turf betul!!

hoo~found something nice to play with and a new way of making friends through what i love to do and am addicted to now. and yes, i am super addicted to bloggings and i recently know what is INNIT at Nuffnang!
yea, Victoria is like what turf and goddamnit, right!!??

so was up to 1.30a.m if not mistaken, last night. at first figuring out what was INNIT. then know what it is, i was figuring out how to log in. and i was correct on my very very first attempt but they say invalid email and i was like what turf! and so it seems that i entered my other email and not my blogging email! xixixi~my mistake!
then i super super love to talk and make new friends, so went and kepochi at the Nuffnang Cbox in the INNIT.
*dengan muka yang tak malu la*
and make neew friends~ wee~
namely Jess, Josh, Chris, Black Jeopardy..
and saw someone i know, from church too and that is AngelKein babe~

lolx! i love blogging!!!
*yea lame how it ends*


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