Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY 2nd day

i finally got back my laptop! i got what i want and that is the reinstallation of my web cam and so i could webcammy now. but i totally don't know how to turn on the wireless network connections now that my cousin brother did something else to it. it shows connected but the status is 'validating identity'. what turf is that? can anyone enlighten me with informations on this?

i have so much to blog about although i had only left it for one night, yea, my baby lappie slept in other people's house last night and i kept dreaming lappie baby begging me to bring him back. ngehehe~ this is really the first time he left my sight! gosh! and the part i dreamt about him is true weh!!

i shall start with some crazy pictures i took on the last day of my finals now that i am emo-ing that i have got nothing to do and kind of missing my finals. what turf!

this is actually a pretty looking bug because it's shell is greeny shining in color! yea but it doesn't look like it here because then people would be staring at me taking picture of a bug while studying and in the middle of college canteen!
so i just snap nonchantly~

and i had this the night before and see, lappie baby and notes all together on one table, which equals to.. you all guess la~ ngehehe~

then i would want to post about my second day of Chinese New Year, my second day of being emo at home...
i went to my aunty's home yesterday and yea, i took pictures of my beloved nephews again but this time, i wasn't the thing that they go hu ha about..T.T

but it is my gameboy!! what turf!

and my fav game!! huhu~my super sonic mario! and i did not get to touch my gameboy even once yesterday!

yea, i got this really baad habit. i will go every where with my gameboy and i don't care that people say gameboy is so out and even psp would be out. i don't care la! i don't bring psp out because the possibility of people aiming for that is higher than the possibility for a gameboy. *macro shit and i miss it!!*
i was at aunty the whole day and it was farking hot so that was the only house i went.
later at night, when i came back...

my fish died!!!! what turf!!
enough said! i will not let mum change my fish's water anymore!


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