Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Hate Bus Driver and Smokers!!

i was in college the whole day, not having any serious hearing at class at all and was pratically stuffing books and notes into my own faces and kept annoying my friends by asking them question that i don't even know whether it exist or not! lolx~

i really really really(x1000000) smokers!!!

yes you!! you over there in the dark inhaling your stupid cigarrete.
i so damn hate you!
if you want to see your Creator much much earlier than your predestined time, then that is your wish but i still don't wish to die that early lo~so if you want to smoke then go bloody further and do your suicidal thing la!
god damn you!

i was in the bus, on my way home just now.
and it would be so damn surprising to see that either the bus driver or the fare collector does not smoke.
the bus driver had 4 cigarettes on my 30 minutes home!
can you imagine how fast and rapid he inhale and exhale the smoke!
and not to say what, they smoke those Indonesia cigarette and those cigarette are the most smelly among all brands of cigarette and this cigarette's smell will stick to you clothes and hair and the smell would still be there after you wash your hair!
fuck! my hair still smells of that now!! what turf!

not forgetting my mini clubbing just now in that bus! god! they turned on the player so god damn loud that it nearly burst my ear drums and leaves me now with a severe headache! they played those dangdut kind of songs and... i also don't know what to say.
alot of passenger was complaining about the cigarette smell and the noise but they just pretend like it is the most normal thing in the world to annoy your customers. they turn up the music even louder! T.T
i swear, if my ear hurts tomorrow, i will definitely complain them to their main head office!
that was my most most terrible experience i had ever had all my life using the public transports.
they seems like they are on some kind of drugs like that seeing that the way they speak and drive!

*heart attack heart attack heart attack hear attack!*


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