Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am so bored

after the last post, i have been mugging through all the blog links that are on my blog.
although i don't leave comments, i visit ok and i helped you pathetics pulled up ranks too.. so don't come bombarding me to ignore your space.. i don't! i read every day! like EVERYDAY~

this is the only way that i can know what has and had happen to all my peeps that seem to either don't want to have anything to do with me anymore for what ever reason, or super busy to even drop me a message when they can message their other half all day long and like so hard to even send me a CNY wish.
for what ever reason, please know that i still love all that knows me and even though you have forget my existence and the times that we had together before we all grew up, i, Victoria will hold on to those memories with dear life because...

and yes, i am so freaking bored with all the hu haa of CNY and all i had got to do is just to sit at home and blog~
but i love blogging!! huhuhu~
what a deja vu~


renaye said...

haha. i sometimes bug my friends to leave comments on my blog. but as time passes, i'm too tired to remind them. but as long i see my ranking goes up, i know my friends have visited!

Voxy said...

yea~my friends bug me bout it too~but not what i meant about them deserting me here la~is in real life~

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