Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Am So Unfilial!!

today is one of the most worst day ever in my life! i did something that i have not and usually would not do even though i was given a choice to not do it. and this time around, i swear, i did not do it on purpose. or should i say i did not forget it without a purpose.
Today Is Mum's Birthday
I Totally Forgot All About It.
*knnccbb to myself*

i am totally hating myself for it now! and i would love to contribute half of that hatred to my finals! because of you, i forgot the most important thing that i usually would never forget! never till now~ what turf~
the truth is, i had actually planned a big gift for her since last year.

the actual plan was, i would forked out a sum of money to go get the most relaxing spa package for her so that she can relax herself and enjoy her big day. and as time goes by and you know how money sucking college life could be, even going there cost me a fortune, seeing to the fact that my college is probably 100 km away from my house! *i think la*
and because i am not working *cant find part time, what turf*, my only income that is coming in not that overflowing is none other than from my mum's own purse. and so i decided to drop this idea/plan. for fear that she will plunged me down with a knife when she know that i bought her *prolly* RM250++ spa package. and yea, i know the price range because i did went and check it out ok! not just a say say~
the only thing is that it did not worked out! *sigh~~*

the second plan was... let me start from the beginning...
every single day, i would start off at the Sentral Lrt. and in this lrt which i will prefer saying complex, there are a lot of stores, selling all sorts of things, there for tourists to grab. what a business tactic! and a good one too~ and a money currency flowing-in one too~
so, i had eyed on this particular store selling jeweleries for quite a long time~ and they have quite a lot to choose from and the price is worth the buying and the important thing is, my mum will not plunged me down with a knife trying to get her present! lolx~
i said eyed right? means that i have not pull out the moola to get it for her right?
and so i will go and do it tomorrow! gosh! i feel so awfully guilty weh!

and just now, when i was studying after helping her to make cookies and all~
she said this, at first she was sighing and she was saying that she is tired la because she came back from work then have to do cookies and all and then playfully, she said.... 'there, my duty for my birthday today is to make cookies and my children all forget my birthday sedangkan i did not once forget theirs and i love them so much!'
what turf!
my heart totally clinged at what she said! because i know her *duh~she IS my mum*, eventhough she make it sound playful, she is actually saying what her heart feels! what turf! that makes me so unfilial, because i had forgot my own mother's birthday! and without this day, there would be no Victoria Poh's existence in this world!
knnccbb~ at my finals!
my head is so into finals, studying and all those shits stuffs for that farkingly cheap, priced at RM2.00/paper of certificate of Diploma, till i forgot what is more of importance! shit~

to tell the truth, i did not te very much studying today too~ and hell to you la finals!
and i spent my time blingeed my phone, and it is still half done and it looks so weird now, what turf!
anyway, continue studying~


JanicE said...

waaa..geng..u can forget!!

Voxy said...

wah!!need to pijak me like tht meh??how are u a??hows exam?

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