Sunday, January 25, 2009

Niu Year Reunion Dinner

i was very very much happy to know that i can celebrate Chinese New Year this year. due to some circumstances, we can't celebrate it for 2 years. actually it was suppose to be 3 years but since we are christian and we don't believe much in the hoo haa of the chinese beliefs, we celebrate it this year.
means, more people will come for visiting and more visitation from us, equals to more angpau!
before that, i think i will safe that for tomorrow after all the run up and down and the easiest way to get money!

had our reunion dinner*like any other family would* at Dynasty Hotel this year. the reason that we chose Dynasty instead of all the rest is simply because the other hotel's food are unedible and Dynasty prove every one wrong that hotel foods sucks. cheers to that and i change my say, not all hotel food are disgusting! i sokong Dynasty till i die! *chooiii!*
we had 8 course meal, i think it is 8 course la, so busy helping myself with food that i only manage to take a picture of the very first dish.

this is soup Yee Chee~
*fyi: my chinese sucks so i cant explain the name of the foods and i dont remember either*

then i remember the second dish was something i would never touch because my resolution was to loose weight!
fuck! and they serve suckling piglet. i forgot is it suckling piglet la, i know it is the super expensive and baby pig. no meat all all only got fats and crunchy layer of fat meat on top. drooling huh?! yish, luckily i am not a fan of pig meat and i think that it is kind of cruel to kill a baby pig. let me Google it and let you see what i exactly saw just now, they serve with the head and feet on the plate! what turf!

bah! something like this!!!
*picture courtesy of Mike Yip*
and i lost my hunger the moment i saw the horrendous, pain looking, being tortured looking pig. but my mum kept beckoning at me because i did not want to have that in my stomach and it is rude la in Japanese culture and so.. fuck, i had to eat one piece and i super beh song already!
i am so sorry small pig! that you have to die over my joy of celebrating the Lunar year.
may you reincarnate*chinese beliefs* and be a human and you can enjoy eating back like what and how humans eats your kind. and once again, sumimasen!! taihen taihen sumimasen!

and then we had stir fried vegetable with abalone and sea cucumber. this was and will always be my fav dish for as long as i can celebrate CNY. and then we were served with prawns and that was my first time peeling prawns with chop sticks. what the heck! and being a banana, not that pure, chop sticks are kind of alien to me because i grew up in a westernized way. but i manage to peel weh but i only had 2! huhu~ but then again, don't consume so much prawn, later jadi otak udang! lolx~
next on the menu was fish! super big fish! luckily it was stim fish with soy sauce, or else, i would not touch that stupid fish because i hate fried fish, they just don't taste as fresh as the stim ones. and the next was Udon mee fried with black pepper sauce and that freaking noodle make me miss Japan all over again! obaasan, i wonder how are you?
and the last was sweets stuffs.
all this food actually has meaning of it and that is why they always serve the same food every year!

and no picture, so sorry yea! busy eating.
later on, i had time camwhoring with my 2 nephews. cute ones. and damn naughty! see picture and you will know what i mean...

this is Jonathan and he is the lady killer! where ever he goes, people want to take a picture of it or with him.
suppose, i am the damn lucky girl huh? that i don't need to illegally snap picture of him far far away!
no contact number~ still under age! ngehehe~

and this is the younger brother! equally cute and the second lady killer!
his name is Marcus. and i call him Marcus boyy~ and he will come laughing and showing all his teeth!
and he would be my future camwhoring partner! he loves the camera so much, as much as i do and as photogenic as i do! lolx~

see what i mean??!! lolx~
aiks! salah tempat! can see that stupid mah tong that i just used! lolx~
that was two of my nephew that make me an aunty but i am proud of them and i xoxo them super a lot!
and below is the naughty pictures that they want to take so many times becauseee... i can take pictures looking at myself, get what i meant? my phone got 2 cameras. and i laxy to edit all the pictures so please my difficulities of taking their pictures because they nearly push me to the grounds! lolx~

the first few still ok la hor~ then they got wild especially Marcus.

gila already! but my bad also la because i was pushed all the time they want to get in to the picture and i did not take it nicely.

i feel that this is nice and i lurve this!

Marcus was sitting on my lap and he got all exited seeing himself and was laughing and trying to grab my hp and i almost fell to the ground.
wearing skirt! what turf!

and this is my cousin sister.

entrance to the Dynasty hotel.

pictures all taken with my hp and so that explains the quality. what do you expect of a China fone la~
i was lazy to edit so.. lolx~
happy cny to all! and do you all think my nephews are the cutest thing in da world??!!
i think so! hell yea!!
xoxoxo to all


AngelKein♥ said...

happy cny! X)

k@i-cHi said...


Michael Yip said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Charlotte said...

Happy Chinese NIU Year~
i love eat the pork skin~
delicious & crispy~

Voxy said...

@angel & michael yip: happy cny to you!!

@kai chi: the food there is quite yummy and i bet you had a yummy reunion too!^^

@charlotte: yea~some people love it but not for me~^^ and Happy Niu Year to you too!haha

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