Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what shall i do today?

like i said before in my previous post that i am now actually having two days off as study leave.
one day came and went just like that and that was yesterday. we did study and some of my questions have been answered and all i have tod o now is to move me ass away from the computer and study and work on it.
but the luring power of the internet is oh-so-intolerable, thus, here i am at 8.22a.m on a Tuesday morning.

my very first day of finals for the semester 2 year 1 will start tomorrow. and i am having this overly stress feeling again. insomnia starts to grow in me and luckily, hearing voices and seeing things epidemic has not come out this time around. but the melancholy of it is that i kept wishing that tomorrow will come faster even though Annie said
I Love You Tomorrow, You're Only A Day Away~
i want it to be now and not a day away.
i want to quicken the days of the finals and the sooner i get over it, the better it will be and i could have my one month holidays without getting worried and all hyped up about studying 24/7 a day which end up causing me to have headache and giddiness!

was reading one of my friends blog awhile ago and i really like reading through her post because she uses really good english and her constructions of grammar are really really awesome. maybe due to the fact that she reads a lot and so her english construction is superb and she could become an author! and realized that it has been quite sometime that i have not been there because she has around 6-9 post that i have never read before.
she is quite an active blogger. prolly 2 days 1 post...*unlike me, one day one and sometimes two* and so yea~that might just prove that i have not been there for alomost a week. a week is damn long a time for me!

last but not least, i really really think that Kakiis.Com are for 18SX because don't you feel that the position that they require us to put those nooseman in place kind of reminds me of sex!! lolx~


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