Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Day Out

reminder : 14th to 24th of January 2009 = FINALS!

and yea, i still have time to go out, shopping, butt in and out of stores and make a hellish life for them, trying all clothes in the store and not buying even one, tossing all shoes that we tried and then walked out cooly without purchasing anything~
that's me! ^^.
so please remember my face so that when you see me coincidentally walking into the store that you are working as a promoter, either treat me super good and give me smiles the moment i walked in and stay 10 feet away from me and not walking behind me and blabbering all the time, let me have my space to see and touch and make fun of your stuffs... if not, i will walked away with your store ended up looking like a tornado just whip your store!

i bloody hate super annoying and talk-a lot promoters!!! especially girl promoters!
and please don't show your 'pwetty' fart face to me when i walked out not buying anything, i have my rights to see and not to buy ok~ the outside of your store did not say " To see, you must buy" what! ish~

camwhored in front of Borders while waiting for my friend. i had been waiting for one and half hour and i have turned an tossed all the mags and books*which i see* and yet she is not here yet so i went outside and sat there. kept remembering that my friend told me that some girl jumped to the grounds due to depression last week. got kinda chilly there but please R.I.P.

she arrived around 12p.m and so we went and buy my lens and she kepochi and she also went and make lens to use. spent like almost one hour at the optical store because that optical store really check your eyes like gazillion times so that they don't make mistake and hot-headed customer like me would very very possibly go back there and make them feel sorry for their carelessness...

zig zag here and there at Sungei Wang and saw that although their choice of clothings sold there had change but i still cant find what my heart desires. so we went back to Times Square. and oh yea~ today RAINED the WHOLE day.
i couldn't believe it and it does not chill the temperature, it is still a bit warm and humid.
did some shopping and got myself a dress and some earrings.
we chat and talked alot~ bla bla bla~~
nothing of the extra ordinary though, but just walked around.

and then i felt guilty when i reached home.
guilty for going out the whole day.
guilty for spending money for things that i don't need and i could have used it for something else.
guilty for neglecting my notes and studies and leave them lying there.

and some bloody idiot stalk my blog again!
as you can see there are alot of "SLUT" at my Cbox~
well well, miss passed.. i couldn't be a bigger slut than you!! because you are the mother of all sluts and there are tons of guys waiting in line to F@*k you every night and prolly day because you are a desperate whore for money to get yourself some botox and to inject it into your sagging butt, face and prolly your self-esteem.
and i bet you sag way to early than what it should have been~
fu*k off you bloody bitch and if i want to be a slut, don't worry, i won't even go near your territory because i might be way way hotter than you and grab all your customer and you would be left with more saggings!!

p/s: bloody hope that you read this you PASSED.
pp/s: by the way, you passed apa?? way passed your virginity a?? bet you lost it when you're at a young age!!


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