Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Utama One Whole Day

slept late yesterday but still managed to wake up super early today because too exited! lolx~exited to go One Utama. like so kampung what turf!

reached there earlier than expected because me and brother was saying that mummy would definitely get lost again while on the way there, and i promised my friend to be there at what what time, so we went out early. before 10 to be exact. and reached at 10.10! what turf! she did get lost and managed to find her way back easily because she was on the right way, it is just that she make a super extra u-turn.
don't boo us please, Damansara is so not my territory and i have been there like once only for last year. i think i have enough fingers to count all the times that i went to One Utama because it is kinda far from my house. Mid Valley is always the place that we contribute to the long frggin jam at Bangsar. seriously, what turf, i went there also lu today!! after One U.

below, a lot of pictures coming up, and all this could only happen if i have a partner in crime...

is the girl, not the small coffee thing..
our actual plan is to go there and try out as many shop as possible that we thought worth us trying out, but alas, i spoil sport! i kept saying no to every shop because i am low on budget and it is super expensive lur~ and that thing she is holding cost RM4.90 ok and it will come out as shit too~ to know more, read about this. here is where you will get info of what you might want to grab and have when your stomach is telling you to fuel up.

and since her blog's theme now is Valentine's Day, we walked across Lovely Lace, if i am not mistaken and i saw what i like most. what turf! i think i should say MOST girls would love to have~

ooohh~~*goo goo eyes* @@
i want them all!! but no people to receive all this from! sad case~

actually, we did and took so many pictures today and it is all scattered and unfiled in my usb that i don't know where should i start writting about! what turf~ lets start with the choco shop~ name Chocolate something~ i forgot. but my friend's blog sure got~ and all the choco there is so temptatious and mouth watering but expensive shit la.
if i were on the hunger and itchy-ness for choco today, damn confirm that i will pokai today!

ok~actually i was quite tempted to try this but after a look or maybe two at the price for it, that makes me think twice. 'still comes out as shit what?should i buy it?'
those that know me~ will know the answer! lolx~

that choco is i think Black Choco and it is my fav! and who loves black choco high fives me here! *piak* because i know not many/seldom people love the bitter taste of Black Choco but that is what i like! i am weird because i love to either eat or drink all those bitter and must be super bitter herbs, those herbal teas and all those~ and i will shiver at anything sweeter than my quota.

the same frog pattern and i think this cost around RM 59.90. yea, for 6 choco look alike frogs and still somes out as shit after that! lolx~
sorry for those that enjoys food, but don't you think that is it a bit wasting to eat super duper expensive stuffs just to fulfill your desiring tastebuds and after that it still comes out as shit and you will errmm hard for it to come out and you feel disgusted about it... weird huh people~
food in = sedap
food out = smeelllyyy~~ eeee~~
anyhow, still food what!!!

they really got a lot of choice to choose from! go read more la~

then, i spoil sport and rejected at everything that she wants to try at. i sayang my baru received ang pau la!! huhu~ but then again~i go waste it, wasted RM36 at things that i like and i would like to make another post all about that! lolx~
so we proceeded to do what girls do best and what guys hates most~

And today i know that there is this thing that they call Padini Concept store. i know i kampung la what turf!
and so i realized that there are Seed, Padini Authentics, Vincci, Padini and a few more la, all in one shop! how cool! i can buy things from head to toe and luckily today i bought only 1/4 of my angpau.. if not, sure 1/4 also no more!
and i saw my fav and cutest thing in Padini~

oh what turf! a mini cooper!! and red too! and real one to and not some chapalang shit~

but got Padini Authen tic signature! what turf!
and the door can open one argh!! and the hood too~
told you that i am weird.. i go all gaga and haha for cars and even more gaga and haha if it is those old one, antique to you all and those super speedo shits like Lamborghini! woo~~
to tell the truth, i feel tempted to pose beside the car like how to bitchy speedo japanese girls do on race tracks! lolx~ but i did not because there were actually 2 guys who went and check out the car before i did.
i spotted it like 10 km away but i don't dare to even go near nor even touch it because mama teach me not to simply touch things.. but maybe this guys mama never teach them and they go touch and open the door and all~ i just peek peek and take 2 photos! lolx~
and i regretted that i did not sit in it!!! aarrggghh~~ what turf!!

then met up with mummy for lunch because no budget~ lolx~
after that we went to this shop names InQBox which totally cute. there is actually a concept about the name..
Box = the shop has shelves embedded to the walls in the shapes of boxes, cubicle i would say but smaller. you put one head in and thatx all, you cannot stuff two head in, that small.
InQ = i think this is because it is in a box and it is cute looking so called InQ! lolx what turf!
and their concept is, if you have a merchandise, maybe your handicraft, your free merchandise that you receive a lot and it is worth a lot and you don't want it, things that you purposely go and get it *JP and K stuffs very popular*, you can then take all this to the shop, the InQBox, and rent a small cubicle and get some extra income.
but the things that i saw there is mainly stuffs from Jp and K. other than that are stuffs that usually awws and ahhs you~ things that you can't get easily here in Malaysia. *sigh*

and we got attracted to this~

alar~ cannot see nicely~
this is actually a box of a whole lot of small musical box thing.
you know those small mechanical work clock that works inside your musical boxes??
yea~those~ but they sell only the mechanical and no box~ but nicely!
only RM39.90 one~ cheap also kan~

then still got a lot of stuffs la and i did not keep taking pictures of it all because there is this guy that i think he thinks that i want to steal~ what turf!

i love this ring lur~ but RM20! what turf! made in Jp and i rememver Jp there only sell around 100 yen, around RM10++, not reaching RM20.

i am into Smiley this day and i like this!
this is a 'will you marry me' ring holder box!
please, my Mr. Right, present me the ring with this box and surely i will answer with a smile!
lolx~ what tur~~

then bought the things that i want and then head to MPH Bookstore! a must go and find every where i go~

while waiting~ bla bla bla~ so dark la there! should have brighter light since this is the reading place~

then more shopping and me, more camwhoring~

like got two Victoria! eeh~ creepy la~

vainity! woohoo~me likey! ahahahaha~
bad hair! shit~ gotta cut cut cut you awaaaayyyy~~

partner in crime for the day!

and she is a happy girl because one blouse and a skirt! what can she asked for more in such short period of time! lolx~
then takoyaki and sushi time~ oishii neh!!

Takoyaki shop~ no picture of tako because Cheesie ones are so so so much deliciouso that i am too embarrased to post up Malaysian style of Tako~*sad case*

my all time fave!! and that friggin hand! ish~ dameneh!!!
still my sushi! darn it~!

later on, one ktm straight to Mid Valley to meet up with mummy because she went there earlier on after tired of One U. and had dinner outside! woo~ first time she so sporting to be out of the house the whole day! and she mush herself with an elegant looking dress which cost only RM69.90 at Nichii!
ooohh~~my fav shop! i am going to buy all my future working clothes there! woo~ can't wait!!

now~ back to K drama, Hana Yori Dango(Boys Before Flowers)in K version~ so much nicer and cuter la~ the guys i meant!


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