Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First War

the train station was very much crowded today despite that it was only 7 a.m. in a way, i was glad to see that there are people going to work because it would be very worrying if number of people going to work gets lesser day by day. but then again, no place to sit and so i need to stand all 12 stations before i reach my destination. so tiring.

yes yes yes... today is my first day of 'war'. examination 'war'!
and i think i did not do that good for today.
i see through my whole BS paper and did all the 4 question, but got quite a lot of sub question that i left out or halfway done because i only know how to do half of it! i did my very very best, i could have almost swore to that! just pray and leave everything onto God now that i had done my very best and no point of reminiscing through it. there are a lot more coming my way!!
so safe my energy to fight them all!!!

a little thing that i realized at my college.
every time i go to the loo, and do my thing~ this is what i see

yes~cheap skate printing on cheap papers, not even printing leh!!
i wander how many they need to hand write!!
so damn stupid and wuliau lo~~
and damn expensive also!! and irregular price offer.
the one on the left offer Rm130++ for middle room and the right one offered Rm510++ for middle room and at the same place!!
what turf!!

back to revision for my Macroeconomics!!


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