Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Love Saturdays!

i start to love Saturdays when my mum's Japanese class were assigned to Sats.
means, i have the whole house all by myself and my brother but having him here doesn't bring any difference to "all by myself".
i woke up early, as usual, to the market with mum before she gets ready and out for the day.
while she gets ready, i would be asleep again and then wakes up when she is out.
woke up with a horrendous looking hair today but it look kinda chio~and cute! lolx~

there! laugh all you want! i love to embarassed myself on Blogspot. wek~

see the background? yea~i was in the kitchen. was actually assigned to cut the cincau because mum wants to make drink out of it when she comes back.

yea~that is the cincau. but they spelled it as ChinChow~ what turf right?!

open it up and cut it this way~into big pieces then into slices(1) then dice(2).

the aftermath! walah~ i put a lot of effort into cutting it like that weh! all by myself! give some credit for the work from this lazy pig ok~lolx~
between slicing and dicing, there is one more thing that i put much more effort into....hehehe =p

camwhore time!!! lolx~ please puke at the sight of me! there is so much that it takes a hellish time to upload. or is it Blogger super slow again today?! hm~~ =p

my partner in crime for today! don't try this at home! pose copyright!lolx~

don't mess with me!! i poke and slice you!!

i meant the cincau la! what were you guys thinking!! lolx~
*if my mum sees this, she wouldn't want to eat this cincau!*

after all those crazy moment due to being left alone at home, with no one to talk to, positively not in the mood of studying, to the sight that my camera is rusting so can't help with all those vanity.
then i worked out, as in exercise.
and still i could camwhore! haha

a picture of me before working out...
and hell, i super sweat a lot in short amount of time.
and to prove that i took another picture 15 minutes later~
please be surprised, i feel like embarrassing myself today!


i have got nothing to say. i am thinking now that i have uploaded so many picture of me self and not nice ones, so i might receive comments like SLUTS, or BITCH, should i or should i not turn off the comment part???

after previewing my own post...
why spoil the fun right?? people love to read comments rather that the contents of the post itself!
so do feel super super free to give the worst comments ever.
i wouldn't bite..
i swallow.


kennhyn said...

girl with knife will sure scared the hell out of me...haha

Voxy said...

to kennhyn:
lolx~thankx for reading!was just doing it out of boredom!lolx~
i dun bite, i swallow!!lolx~
im a friendly gurl la~

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