Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Days of Ramblings~

my lappie's keyboard is now filled with scrumbs of cookies bater and my whole house is filled with the smell of cookies, either baking in the oven, waiting to be roll onto the pan or just sitting there 'cooling' down and waiting for my mum to pack them. they are just every where! and the smell is just oohhh~ my heart would be yearning for some if i were the neighbour now! ngehehehe~ well, too bad, since malays do not eat what chinese people made. just suffer smelling it yea~ngehehehe~

must have been wondering what i was rambling about huh?? hehe~
today is the continuation of cookie baking, we bake some yesterday night and the taste is just so wrong. we figured out that maybe mummy put a little too extra bit of salt and you wouldn't want to go back for second helping because it leaves my throat with a nasty feel like i have just swallow a whole butter! what turf!

this is the chocolate cookies but it is too salty~
that was the defected cookie! lolx~
and then this morning we redid the chocolate chip cookie and woo la la it turned out super good! wee~
and then we make another type of cookies~

yea!this is my favorite, nut cookie for nutty like me! lolx~~

i am now so sick at looking and trying out cookies. the smell of cookies makes me stomach do flip flops greater than monkeys at circus!
and talk about monkeys~
i receive a message yesterday morning and this pissed out my morning fire! what turf!
does udang ever goes with monkey? do even monkeys eat udang?
well, to my opinion, the monkey that i know surely fell for some stupid udang! urrghh~crap!

udang actually to my opinion is quite a delicacy.. it looks nice on the outside and so i thought that udang looks good on the inside too~ you know the taste and the texture~
when i got to know this udang better and finally got to taste the taste of it and the texture of this udang, only then i know that it doesn't taste and feel as good as it look! what turf !!
on the early stage, i hated monkeys too~ i thought that monkey are very very arrogant creatures and by it's looks, it is can be very deceiving. and so i distanced myself from the monkey.
later on, i learned that monkey is actually a nice creature and so started to like this creature. realized that monkey is actually friendly. and also through us that monkey and udang get to know each other.

there was and are a lot things going on~ bla bla bla~ cut the story short...
this monkey couldn't have known udang more better than we do and this monkey start defending her instead of defending his own long known friend. what turf lo~ some might prolly say that 'don't care la, prolly udang is right?!' and 'i would only defend those that i think is right and don't care whether is friend or not.'.
but come on la~ you knew her how long, not really that long that you are qualify to defend for what she did and said before lo~
she might have said some other things in front of you and another story was created when it was told to another person.
over all~ monkey is still what turf and udang is still otak udang! what turf, otak udang makes me think about my Bahasa Melaysia Lanjutan paper! woo~ it is so totally different from what i had during secondary lo~ in college, BM paper are more to the what we will be using during the working world! what turf! and i can no longer add freaking a lot of peribahasa just to show off and buy marks from those! huhu~

please give me a A- for Bahasa Melaysia Lanjutan! pretty please~~

p/s: long ramblings is due to the fact that i did not blog yesterday so kept it too long and have to burst it all out.


Anonymous said...

yalaa...udang is udang..tasty is tasty...not tasty is not tasty...wat to do..ahaha..monkey like to eat udang o not,i i only noe,i dun eat monkey n udang obviously nt my choice..u c i eat tom yam oso noe lo..haha..nvr touch udang lo..hehe.sienzzz..=.="" n not old long fren frm here i learn to b smart maa..

Voxy said...

lolx!!anonymous!i noe who u are! i have got nothing to say back!lol

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