Monday, January 5, 2009

I am Dead Beat Tired

i am now in the midst or should i say examination mood.
examination mood = gan cheong-ness yang berlebihan, super duper a lot of last minute studying, lesser time to go online, more darker eye bags, pay less attention in classes...
and much much more. the list of what i am going through now and doing will never ever end if i would to list it all out.
others have 6 units = sure die.
i am having 8 units = DEAD!
before it even began! lolx~
but i am catching up though...

i am now doing study smart and not study like a super nerd.
i only aim for those questions that will forever be in the papers but of course, they asked it in another way but the workings and ways to answer it are all totally the same! it is just that you have to know how to differentiate it.
that one is my own problem lur~ lolx~
i really really can't afford to F any of my papers again this time around.
not that i am holding scholarship or anything but RM50 to resit perunit is like using gold plated tissue paper to wipe your ass once and have shits all over and you have to throw it away.
*please ignore the disgusting-ness*

bah!!! i know i know~~
i got too bored with all the calculations so" i had a break and had a camwhore" *courtesy of "have a break, have a kit kat!"*!! lolx~

wish me lucks, loads of it!!
thank you all my superly wonderful peeps!!
xoxoxo to all of you!!


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