Thursday, January 29, 2009


today is my really first day at house on a month holiday quest. my definition of 'really first' is when i am all alone at house with no adults or siblings, nah~ that is what i call a real and perfect holiday... just me and my lappie and the unlimited time of using the internet, with no one around to blab at me for watching dramaS the whole day. from 7a.m to like now! what turf!
and i skip two meals! wwooo~~@@ does that mean i will lose at least 2 kgs? *ask mum*
*back* darn it! she said no but that will do a reverse way because i am not eating on time! darn it!

and i realized that there are way too much people online/offline using 'what turf' this days and this has like become a trend! what tur.. see what i meant, it keeps slipping out of my mouth..what t... okok~*change* DARN IT!

if any of you ever reads my blog and i would want to be optimistic, so i ASSUME that you all read la hor, maybe not regular basis but at least a peekaboo, right?? Innit gang~ kan kan kan?? *dewy eyes*...
anyway, back on track, as i was saying, i promised to blog about what i bought yesterday that drives my orgasm up the walls and still have not come down to neutral yet...ngehehe... seems like i am sidetracked. darn it!
i lazy to blog about it today~~ hehe~gomeneh~
make double promise now lo ok~ what turf! i will blog about it as early as 7a.m tomorrow.
*cross my heart*

i realized another thing today.
i have sooooo much much much movies and dramas all uploaded, waiting for me to watch them all!
i am now so woobly inside and i don't know why i get butterflies to the thought that i have so much to catch up. i can die wan leh if i don't watch all those and catch up with the 'normal' world. study world is not normal ok~
normal world is...
1) eff-ing all about needing to go to work and sit in meeting for don't know how many hours and then solve problem together. *uu~so chio! me likey*
2) you have what they call Monday Blues. student have blues 24/7 a day ,a week, a month.. 365(1/4)days also blue! shyte~
3) you have the priviledge to dress like a swan to work and only aahs will be heard and not 'she dress so over, college only what!' what turf! i like la so backoff biatchs!
4) you have friday and saturday night outSS! and not 'you need to stay home and study because you are not smart enough!' shyte~

there would be a super long list about that if i were in the mood of doing so butt.... lucky you hor~ i am not in that mood~ ngehehe~evil people you!
and i miss Darlyn Goh! page page paging Miss Darlyn Goh!
Victoria Miss You Hunn~
now~movie movie!! oh my Goo Jun Pyo, saranghaee~~!!


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