Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Poke You , You Bite Me.

wore my new red, and i meant super red shirt today to service. and tadah~here's a picture.

tadah!! and no, i am not wearing it backwards. it's design is that the buttons are behind all the way down and there are two small pockets in front of it to make a differenciation of back and front. in another words, i could turned it around and wear it the other way when i am bored of the original way~

and so we went makan after service which ended around 12.30 p.m.
seriously, i don't quite like combined service. i meant 10 a.m service. because by the time we reach home, half of the day has gone by when we were sitting in the service. resulting me don't know what should be done to kill time between free time and time for dinner.
taking and afternoon nap is like not enough time because mine is not "nap", it is "sleep"!
but ended up sleeping also la~~*crap crap crap*

woke up and decided to be hardworking for once and changed my turtles water by myself. in which it has already become like a muddy pool and the smell is... i don't even want to talk about it~
let pictures out first and i will do the talking later la~

i have two fat lazy monster! left one is the female and the right one is a male.

introducing the male, up close. it(he) was about to masukkan the stupid head inside! stupid..

and the female, up close..
okok~you all might not see the differences in them but i can la ok~

the female is as vain as it's master. it look up when i flashed the camera.

lolx~no la, actually i went and poke the fellow in the head and they are hung-A-ry all the time, like 24/7 a day!! and so i poke it and it want to bite me!!
wek wek~neck too short!! lolx~

and together they unite for an up close! lolx~
okok~something for those that reads my blog~
"can you guys guess which is the male and which is the female?"
*no price reward even if you get it correct, so don't ask for it*

satisfied that i had the whole afternoon poking them and playing with them~
poke poke~lolx~
*vain punya budak*


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