Sunday, January 25, 2009


finals is over and so does my second semester and not to forget that i am now actually a year older! damnnit~
i can still see the picture of my first day in primary, my first day of going and knowing what is school. and i love school. full stop to that, no longer explanation of why, i just love it.

right after the last torturing week and day, we went to Kepong Jusco for some chilling out time and also our last meet up till the next semester starts! woo~ i am so going to miss them weh! T.T
and what a cliche! we were saying that now that the finals are over, it is going to be so boring because we are so used to super pack time, freaking classes and lectures, the freaking weather that we go through every day to classes, and for me is the troublesome-ness of transportation...we are all leaving that behind for one month ++ now... and i don't know what can i do at home!! what turf!

probably i should change my title to MyHouseIsNotaPlayground! lolx~
and and and!!! i strongly recomend all of you to go invade cinemas and watch Underground3: Return Of The Lycans! super-ly best~!
and note, if you have not watch the Underground 1 and 2, still, do go for the Underground 3 because you still can totally understand what it is all about because me myself did not went for the first two and still i enjoyed it to the max and swore to dig the whole Internet/WWW or what ever you all call it in search for Underground 1 n 2. and yes, illegal download! hell, i do not care!
and that day when we watch that movie, before starts, they will waste our 5 minutes watching their ads right? then we saw them showing us this...
The ads went something like that.
i was like what turf in my heart and said 'i don't care' loudly and very coincidently said it with my besttie! lolx~
p/s : not that i hate Msia and not that i love it either.. cliche.. but what has it's economy benefits to me that i have to take care of it's economy! what turf!
and i was telling the peeps the other day that, i am now 18 so i can watch either 18sg or 18 sx movie without showing my ugly id card! ngehehehe~ yea! hail the world of 18-teens! to those under, sorry yea~ you guys have to wait prolly 2 or 5 years more and show la your id card to them! lolx~


Huai Bin said...

Hello there! Victoria Poh. Not many people have that family name. I'm Poh too, Henghua. :)

Anyway, do they actually ask for ID in cinemas over here? I've never been asked for mine, though I've been asked for ID in Genting.

Voxy said...

hey there Poh Huai Bin!
yeah! geng!*high five*
that is why i proudly give out my full name here in blogspot. but i dun have chinese name though~

i had actually been asked for id in cinemas in my area here and in times square as well.. you would sure noe where is times square if ure a kl-ians..

where are u from huai bin?
cheers to being Poh!! lolx~

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