Friday, January 30, 2009

finally!!moved my arse to blog about things that drives my orgasm above normal level! lolx~what turf!
and it is this~

Konad stamping and scraper set and one of the many many image plate sold there!

yeah!now secret revealed! victoria loves doing nail art!
and those are just sets used in one of the steps of creating nail design. there are stamping style, the ones that you draw, the one that you stick stones on it yourself and etc..
and since i have not undergone any training to become a nailist yett... i said yet.. i will become one day and that one day is after my diploma! what turf!
3 more years to go! shyte! and they got age limit wan leh~
and if i am not wrong, after the age 26 or some where around there, there will be less chance they will accept your resume to be enrol in the training school!
not that i am super old now~ok! behh~~

the stamper and scraper item cost me RM20.

and image plate cost me RM16. and in case you are wondering what is an image plate~

there! something that reflects your image while you try snapping it! lolx~
as it has been named, it is a plate, an aluminum one i guess with image scraped on top of it.
so it is like something that you copy paste la~from the plate to your nails.

and all you need is this~

the stamper, scraper, image plate, some nail polish of your own preference and a bottle of cutex and cotton balls also...

Guide on how.
1) clean thoroughly nails from those old nail polish that has chipped off or you just have an itchy ass that you want to try new nail polish and this stamp-it method. have clean and no polish nails.
2) then use a base coat before applying a base nail polish. the base coat is essential as it helps protect nails from direct touch of nail polish which will make nails turn yellowish after a period of time.
3) as for me, i used a dark maroon as my base nail polish. always have this in mind, always go yin yang. that means use two color, one light and the other must be of dark colors.
4) apply nail polish base on nails. always do the centre, then to the left and then to the right. one stroke on each side so that you will have evenly spread nail polish. and if it still looks light, wait till it is touch dry then apply another layer to enhance it.
5) while waiting for your nail polish to dry on nails, you can start preparing your image using the image plate.
6) put a small amount of nail polish on the plate, make sure it covers the whole image that you want, and then using a scraper, scrape right across the image.
7) very quickly, take up the stamper and gently roll onto the image. and you will see the image sticks to your stamper.
8) then using al,ost the same method on (7), gently roll and transfer the image onto your nails.
*i will show pictures for (7) and (8) later*

and wala!! you have your very very own DIY nail art.
some people might say, why waste RM36 on things that you can get every where, be it in the shopping mall or kaki lima, there will always have a nail salon.
but do the maths, how many friggin time and money will you have to visit the nail salon? and it is quite costly too to go there and make your nails. might as well, invest more now and use it for super long time. unless, you misplaces your things way too often that you hilangkan la, then cannot use many many times! lolx~

what turf!
i went and slept way too early yesterday and you know why! shyte
it even creeps me out to blog about it now...

i was drama-ing, blog hopping, and reading one blogger's post about the missing level 21 at Genting. and that is when i heard it! *shudders*
i heard a farkingly loud 'ngehehehehehe' right outside my window whilst i was in my computer room. and as my house faces the main road, it is quite likely that someone could just climb into my porch and steal stuffs or do farking sounds to scare me to bed, but who the heck would do that at 12a.m la~
even it was burgulars, they would try to make as least sound as possible right and not go 'NGEHEHEHEHEHE' at a farkingly high pitch sound.
*shyte! still scare now although morning already*
and my neighbours, they sleep late, yes.. but neither of them laughs that way!! and they only have sons and the only women in the house is the mum, who would usually laugh like a man~ lolx what turf!

and i told mummy this morning that it sounded like langsuir~ what turf!
and mummy got all creepy but ask what is that!
then i told her and she was like what turf! because no one died here during their pregnancy what! beside, at this area, it is either too old cannot bear child any more or too young and so cannot khalwat. lolx~ bottom line is, no one is having babies in my area prolly till when i grow up la~lolx~

yerr~ now cannot sleep late at night already!! shyte shyte~
i used to watch and go after this kind of stories~ but later on, i feel that i have sinned greatly towards Jesus because i am like so obssessed with wanting to know, and i was like practically worshipping Mr. S.A Tan. not sesat agama la, it's just that i talk all about them every day.
finding ways of knowing more is what that occupies my mind everyday!
what the~ i should shuddup now~ and use my early morning time to watch more movies since i will not stay up late prolly for one week~hehe~ish~i used hahaha~


Mr.J said...

Hai there.. im jacky_juing they guy at Nuffnang Box. My YM id jacky_romeo / hope we can be friend.

Victoria said...

hahahaha~~sure sure

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