Thursday, January 22, 2009

Public Nose Cleaning

continuation of yesterday's blog post. my plan thing. and so it did not work out! because the shop wasn't there anymore!!! huhuhu~ what turf!
sorry mummy~ no present for you this year but i will try to not fail anything this semester and present my victory to you as a gift la! huhu~

today is totally a kick-paper's-ass day and i can confidently say that all my not-that-so hardworking effort used to study my BISA paper really paid off! ngehehe~ and for once, i can say that i manage to finish it all up and only left one questiond blank because that question has totally got out of my range and was too blank myself to even think for the answer. stomach grumbling also at that moment so, lagi cannot concentrate!
but it was the best paper that i had kick through out this semester's finals.

was on my way back today, alone, by train.
so i sat beside this old chinese guy that closes his eyes like all the time. at first i thought this old dude might be too tired and so fall asleep. after 10 minutes in the train and me sitting beside him, he started lifting up his hands to his nose and start diggin it! i was like what turf!
at first i was like, 'ok probably he had a sudden nose itchy mania and so have to dig it eventhough he is in public.'
i was utterly digusted, obviously!
but that continued through out the whole farking 45 minutes journey!

when he was on his third attempt to dig it publicly with out any doubt of shame and sense of cleanliness, all that i was thinking about is...
1) 'what turf! what are you doing la? stop digging la! '
2) ' you want tissues or not? '
3) ' yeerr, got so much to dig meh?? '
then i got abit too agitated and all i was thinking is...
4) ' fark! you dig dig dig then u put your hand on the rail where every one will hold onto it later!! '
5) ' stupid old man, urrgghh~~do not flick your nose shit here!!! uwaaa~~ '
when the lady opposite was looking at him without even blinking and was looking back at me, i was like...
6) ' what turf!! wrong idea! i so totally don't know him!! so farking embarassing!! '

and so i sat so close to the side that i kept knocking my head to the class divider!
stupid dirty old man!

p/s: do not do nose cleaning publicly. if you want to clean it, just keep it to yourself because no one wants to see your nose shit and nose hair flying every where!!


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