Wednesday, November 5, 2008


why does people all around me act like some friggin fucktards la??!!
why can't they just act their age and be themselves??!!
why can't they think for others instead of being selfish and only thinks about their own good??!!
where are their freaking cow sense la??!!

Bloody hell a!! So friggin stupiak weh!! Can you be more independent?? Don't always also "Yer~i very scare go there alone la. I dont dare!"
Don't dare then don't go home lo. I don't freaking need to be always there for you and to babysit you lo ok~ You are same age with me leh, and i prolly need some one to look after me too and so i practically have no time to hear your stupid whinning ok!!
Be a bit more sound in mind la ok~ Don't bloody act so childish weh~ People say like that then like that la~ Why would you want to oppose people when you yourself are not sure at all what is and what are going to happen. If you're not happy then voice it out la, don't act happy la ok~ People won't symphatize you over your stupidness lo ok~ And if you think that you look cute everytime you try to act depent to others, please la, i advice you to stop that fucking shit attitude la because it is fucking annoying ok~ And most important is that you look friggin retard! So friggin old already still want to act cute and childish a??!

People who make decisions on their own without considering others are friggin retard people. Didn't you think of the consequences before you make that friggin new piece of paper? Don't act dumb la when question, answer me directly la why would you want to do that? It is not that you don't know what our decision is and that is to eliminate the old and hope for a new one. But it seems now like you are having an affair with him and you don't want to let him go. Please lo~ I don't friggin want to go back every weekend s for that fucking class lo. We did not announce to the class because we want to safe your face ok~ It is not that we are scared of you when you do that fucking duh face. I can duh better than you lo ok~ You think you pretend don't know don't care then that problem will solve a?! Sorry weh~ Over my dead body la babe! You mess with lau niang, i fuck you up side down weh! Don't mess with me and don't even try to change what i am determined to do and acheive ok~ You have no rights for that!!!
Freak! Don't always use God as a reason to escape weh!
Prolly how busy would you be, i bloody care and you must do at least one section of the kajian. I am so not going to tolerate both of you like what the guys did lo! To hell la both of you!!! You messed with the wrong lou niang weh~~

All fucking retards people! I don't know what luck i have ran into to have peoples like that surrounding my life and thus leaves me no space to shine and to viva la vida let alone carp diem'. Ass all of you weh!!
Bloody peoples!! Ruined my day! Just stand back and watch what lau niang will do about that class la~ If i fail again this year, wah~you are going to eat up all my shit and i prolly care that you buat duh or buat shit face!! Please la~Lazy like pig like that.Even pig also need to look back and snorts at you and prolly feed you with what ever shit stuffs that those pig eat. I think they eat shits weh!! Well, you also don't deserve to eat human food sedangkan your brain functions like some retard kampung babi girl!!!

Urrggghhh~~what wrong with people this days?
Isn't there anyone that i could trust anymore?
Isn't there any real friendship anymore?
Is it that friggin hard to make real good girlfriends that does not pissed the shit and as well the bloody day light out of you!!!?
I have got nothing more to say, i rest my case but i won't let it low! I will be back!!


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