Monday, October 13, 2008

Cuz' You Had A Bad Day...

Today is such a waste of time lo.
I went to college early because i dread taking the bus and all the other public transport.
Cut the story short... i waited for almost 3 hours before my class starts which is at 11 a.m.
If and only if, the college is walking distance, oh~how good life will be!! I can wake up 30 minutes before class starts because i only need 15 minutes to get ready and another 10 minutes to walk.
Then i wouldn't have panda eyes lo~=.=

QS teacher is obviously very humorous and can see that he is well like by the machos of our class.
Because the teacher also owns those very wu liao attitude..
And that lights up the class~ He makes teaching light and at the same time he implements it. And we could understand all that he teach. Good~ So i won't fail my QS for this semester.*yeah silently*

Gossip is so like our daily bread.
Gossip about a lot of people lo~ And to found out that actually all humans have 2 faces
Ever heard of talam dua muka's malay proverbs??
Yea~ Thatz what i meant la~
Haiz~ no doubt that words of humans are more dangerous than that of poison's..
And why the hell he look at me one kind today??
If i ever heard him bad mouthing about me again~~ Friendship is so over man~
And don't look adoringly at me la~=.=
I don't like it~ I distaste you~ You're a disgust to me for all i know~ Nothing good was ever said about you~
You don't deserve any girl if that is your attitude.
Girls are not dumb no matter how naively they look like~ They do have a mind of their own.
We are all born of image of God so God does gave us abilities and we are not bunnies~
Haiz~ being friends with you is ok~
Being with you as some one that loves me is a big NO NO.
Not my CUPPA.

Wee~ On the brighter side~
Went to Times Square for Sushi King.
Before that~ Met Samson at college. And i was tarik to the side and he asked a question..
"Has i become fat??Because teacher say i fat alreeady."
Me: being the straight forward me "Hm~ yea~ fat already become more chubby"
"Yeoh!!! Really meh???"
"Yea~ but still cute what!!"
Then he blah already~ Lolz~
Guy also care about all this.=.=
Sushi was great.Lolz~ No further comment because got no money to eat all i want. Lolz~
But Sushi King's standard has drop la.. seriously..
Their salmons and other fresh meat aren't as fresh as it used to be and.. price also almost the same with Sakae Sushi and i prefer Sakae Sushi la~ Lol

Kena scolding from my mum again when on the way home.
I went to eat and while at that, waiting for her to pick me up after 5 la..
My watch was 5.10 p.m when i was walking out and usually she will not be there yet la..
Then to the shock-ess thing in my life, she was alredy there, waiting in the car, grumpy face, scolding. I was like SHIT!!!
Went into the car and glanced at her clock..
GOD~~ It showed 5.20 p.m!!!=.=
I was like what the!!!
My clock got problem or hers?? But i kept quiet and just sat there bodoh-ly and let her scold all she want la~
Then i said not my fault that i got a faulty and stupid HP.
And i kept my mouth shut because that fired her up more.xp
Then she cooled down and asked me dumb question.
I fucking diau her la~ I just answered "uhh", "uhm", "arh" all the way back.
Have to ruin my day as if it is not bad enough to get caught in the rain and kena stared adoringly by some one that i disgust. Haiz~
What is life??


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