Monday, October 6, 2008

Absolute Boyfriend

I spend my whole day today watching Absolute Boyfriend.
I have read the anime before and that was also a kick ass anime for those that really dig romance and robot
os. Not forgetting hot hunks~ Huhuhu~
The drama was way better lo~ My God!! Never know that got hot Japanese male actor like Tenjou Night*
name in drama*. But~ Izawa Riko is also honto kawaii!! Lolz~ Too many japanese movie and these is what happens! Lolz~

Hohoho~ The wall of Absolute Boyfriend.

The three main cast of this drama(from left) Soushi Asamotto, Night Tenjou, Riko Izawa.

Mocomichi Hayami, the real name of Night Tenjou. He is too hot that i can't help it but to post a picture of him out of that show. So tan lo~Hohoho~ Body is ichiban neh~

Hoho~ There will never be someone like him exist on this planet earth right??! Lolz~
Too addicted already~ Ish~
Lolz! Have to sleep early tonight because tomorrow is the first day of my second semester! Lolz~
Exited nya~^^


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