Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hate It!!=.=

Today got class till 8 la~
WTF and WTH!=.=
By the time i reach home it will be around 9.30 p.m lo~
Bathe and all will end me up around 10.30 la~ Sien lo~
Also no mood to semangat study already lo~
Although today starts at 1 p.m but i would rather choose to start early and end early, i don't mind sacrificing my sleeping time for early class lo~
You know friggin dark is or not when it is 8p.m??!!
Some more at TARC leh~
Some more my class is like don't know at where lo! So freaking peh la~
Make me undecisive whether to eat only then go back which will result me to be home around 10p.m OR to straight go back and starve for the night.=.=
Second choice seems better because me memang in diet mode la~ Tsk Tsk..xp
But not healthy lo since i don't take breakfast and ate lil' during lunch.
I am practically not eating much in a day but why WHY still so fat!!!??=.=!!!

Either i come back tonight after finish tiding up myself, i straight go study or i straight go online! Huahaha~
I am so sure of myself what it will be but~~
*shut up Victoria~ go prepare for college la, online freak!*


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