Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Much To Say

Wee~ So i finally went for duty today after missing the last one and yes.. It was very pai seh because for those that really know me well, it is hard for Victoria to say "I am sorry".
Seriously.. But~ I went straight to toddler class,early too just so that i can see my teacher in charge in private so that i can apologize to her for missing one duty.
At first she had this angry face on her and when i apologized and explained myself for that incident,her face became 'darker'! I was like "i said sorry" in my mind but just stood there like siow waiting for her to blow her furious api at me la because she look really really mad like she want to consume me alive.
Then suddenly she smiled and said that "it is ok..i thought you were sick".
I was like "is that it? you aren't going to scold me or say more??"

Then she just left the room saying that she want to get something from downstairs and asked me to prepare the rest of the room. So i did what i was told and finish it all up in 10 minutes. And since she is not back yet so i went out to help others. And so the service starts but she was not here yet.
Half way worshiping, she called me in and i was like "oh..punishment when all busy la..=.="
Manatau, she want me to help her burn something for lesson.
She was so long away because she drove out to buy a lighter so that she got fire to seal something.
Then she told me that she was in such a bad mood because she is not feeling well*this i know* and she forgot to bring her house's lighter and have to frust where to get it.
I was like bloody diam and got nothing to say and feel like a fool myself.

After all those worshiping, time to collect my students and today got a lot of babies lo~
I think i have got around 6-7 babies today and all was kinda small la so not much craft was done.
I think only 2-4 crafts were done by the older todds.
Oh well~ Celeste is so cute and chubby and she reminds me when i was small.
Well~ at least the way my mum talk about me when i was a todd myself resembles the way Celeste is la~
Ok~ All babies are cute la.. and i am not bias ok~ I love you all!! Lolz~

Then went shopping with mum.
This is also another shit event.
I start to hate going shopping with my mum now because when she asked for my opinion, she can't accept it.
And when i found something nice for myself and surely i would buy it, she will start nagging that i have way too much clothes and i am not in the working world yet.
HELLLLOOOO~ working world or not, i still need clothings ok~ Don't tell me those that doesn't work tak pakai baju a~~=.=
Then...Then~ she will keep saying that i am way too fat that i would not be able to find any clothes that is nice for my bod.What the!!! So obvious that you are the one having problem finding a suitable cloth ok~ You need S but there is no S but my ASS got la~ want or not!!!! Lolz~
Haiz~ I buy things also kena nagging~ what the~sweat habis~

So went and pick my brother from his Judo class.
On the way back, we need to stop by the grocery store for i don't know what la my mum want to buy because i don't bloody care la~ No mood already la when i kena marah.
Then, the stupid car ahead fired up myapi lo~~
That bloody driver, and i shall not name what religion but i am staying at Cheras.. was bloody stepping on 5km/h~ sweat right!!!!
Eventhough it is a housing area..Hellloo~isn't that way too slow~ and and~i am rushing home ok~
So my mum cut her and i think my mum parked the place that that bloody lady want to park la~
So she looked back and was obviously scolding la and all we saw is that she was mumbling.
Hell la~ Like a give a damn~
So mum got down to buy stuffs and shot her that killer "stupid lady" look~
She was in the car for quite some time...too fat that she needed 5 minutes to get off the car!!! Lolz~
Bloody prolly shit her!
When she got down, she was still mumbling and scolding. i was in the car la with brother~ And we saw her shooting angry faces at us la~
APA LAGI, me and my brother show her the INTERNATIONAL SIGN LANGUAGE and i shot her my "you bloody babi macam nak mampus" look at her la~
She was so damn annoying you know!!!!!
Yish~ I nearly got off the car and slap the bloody sense out of her!!!
Can't she give us the younger generation some bloody respect and show us good attitude??!!
Ish~ I bet when her child grow up, they will be like her~KURANG AJAR!!!
Stupid fat lady~ Ruined my day even more...


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